Oct 20, 2021

Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4)

Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4)

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Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) audiobook free

Once again, I\’m blown away by the amazing, talented writing of M. Never! This whole series very easily moved to the top 5 of my favorite book series list! I was unsure where this book was gonna go. After reading the first three books and all were about Kayne and Ellie, I was surprised this book continued the series but was about CJ and Tara, whom we didn\’t learn very much at all about beforehand, and also upon hearing that it wasn\’t quite as dark as the previous books, which I loved so much! However, I was beyond pleasantly surprised!! I never doubted the actual book, as M. Never is an astounding writer, hands down! Not only did the book surprise me with just how great it was but also how it ended up not bothering me at all that it wasn\’t completely as dark or that it was different characters we barely knew while still being in the same series. The other familiar characters do make some appearances, which I was glad for, but it didn\’t require those characters to be throughout the entire book for me to still intertwine them all together. It just clicked! With that being said, holy moly…this book was intense!! In another way as previous ones were, but yet in some ways it was the same and fit in perfectly! CJ and Tara are an amazing love story that shows the struggle of wanting the impossible, bad mistakes, being stuck in misery, lies, deception, hurt, anger, self loathing and torture….but then it also shows the power of true unbridled love, determination, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, healing, passion and lust as hot as ever and true happiness to name a few things! With the crazy twists towards the end, I was shocked and an emotional wreck!! This book, just like the others in this series, had my emotions all over the place and I couldn\’t put my kindle down! From needing a fan to cool myself off, to needing a tissue to wipe my tears away, this book once again delivered pure perfection!!! I can\’t wait to get more!!!


Review #2

Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) audiobook streamming online

This is an amazing series, and this book was really something!! I have to be honest that Tara was a little much for me. She and CJ are a really hot couple, but her choices were a little hard to understand. She is a sexually free young woman, yes, but to agree to do what she did was confusing. She and Ellie came from a stable, comfortable home. If she needed help with her finances, I\’m sure her parents could have helped her out and as a music major in New York she could have found other ways to supplement her income. Nino was a pig, so why did she think that she could agree to do what she was doing without any consequences knowing the type of person that he was?? Furthermore, in her thoughts, the reader is told that she considered this was some kind of a power trip over the men, really?? I have to say that she was a little nasty, then, when the trouble comes, she admits that it\’s her fault and everyone tells her it isn\’t – well, hell yes it was her fault!! I read lots of erotic romances and usually, I go with the flow, but for whatever reason, Tara\’s story had a big \”ick factor\” for me. Even so, the underlying romance with CJ was hot and sweet, and getting to read about my favorite two hotties, Kayne and Jett was great. This wasn\’t my favorite story of the series but was an okay bridge to the other stories. Next up for me, Jett and London:}!!


Review #3

Audiobook Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) by M. Never

I am so glad the author did a book with Juice (CJ), since he is introduced in books 1-3, but we don\’t get to know much about him. I really enjoyed seeing his relationship with Tara develop over the course of the book. You could tell they had an initial attraction to one another in Book 3, but obviously with Tara being Ellie\’s sister…..sort of one of those forbidden relationships that shouldn\’t happen. But, they are so amazing together. Loved seeing them together at his family\’s house – you knew by then that they were both it for each other. This book definitely had some twists and surprises that I didn\’t see coming. I felt so bad for CJ when he gets betrayed by one of the people closest to him. Broke my heart knowing everything those guys had been through together, that Slade wasn\’t able to work out of the darkness. Such a great series that this author created…..loved it!!!


Review #4

Audio Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) narrated by Muffy Newtown Sam Crowley

I had hoped that I would be able to say as little about this book so as not to give any story away. I will say this wow…wow…wow.. I read the box set of Kayne and Ellie first. You don\’t necessarily have to, but it\’s best. You will get the most enjoyment that way. You have to be brave enough to read it all, whether you are maybe turned off, keep in mind that M.Never, will not steer you wrong. These characters are all consenting adults. And quite frankly, the author is the one who is brave for giving the readers of two beautiful love stories. If you can\’t handle dark romance, which the author warns readers of what might be in the book ,there could be triggers. Even so, I recommend these stories. Thanks M.Never for giving us this story of C.J. and Tara..so beautiful, you touched me deeply ,they touched me forever. Can\’t wait to read all of Jett and London\’s story. You are awesomeness!! Wow…you know how to run their readers through so many different emotions.. that\’s what it is all about!!!


Review #5

Free audio Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) – in the audio player below

I really enjoyed CJ & Taras story they make a great couple, I liked CJ from the previous books he was a fun character but he really shone in this book. I didnt see her issue coming thats for sure and couldnt understand who Nino was. I was so shocked about Slade though that was definitely a shock factor.


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