Oct 25, 2021

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The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) audiobook free

So this book was way more emotional than I was expecting. I am a BC survivor, so this was hitting all kinds of emotions, but I give a standing ovation to Ms. Jones for the way she presented the raw emotions for those going through such a challenge and those in support around them. I loved the journey Eva & Luke took together restoring the winery to its former glory. I loved that instead of ignoring the old ways and totally doing something new, Eva embraced the rich history of Honey Branch and used old journals as a blueprint on how to really make it flourish. Luke not pushing Eva, but just supporting her and loving on her endeared him even more. Also loved seeing Ben & Kyle again. Ben is still Ben. LOL! I\’m loving Sugar Valley almost as much as I love The Heights. 5 Stars!


Review #2

The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) audiobook streamming online

I think Christina was supposed to be an urban developer as well as a writer. She has a way of making the neighborhoods and businesses that she creates in her stories actual characters. In The Point of it All, we are not only introduced to Eva and Luke, but Honey Branch as well. And just like Eva and Luke have a story, so does Honey Branch. Eva and Luke aren\’t the typical characters that fall in love with each other. They are all the way grown and trying to regroup in a way. Both are trying to bounce back. As they go through all that life is throwing at them, they finally realize that going through together is the key. I really enjoyed reading this story. Because of what\’s going on, I couldn\’t put it down. I guarantee that you will think, laugh, and cry with this one because a great story taps into all of your emotions.


Review #3

Audiobook The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) by Christina C. Jones

Confession: Ive read every one of CCJs books, but her trigger warnings almost scared me off of this one. And then when Eva made her big revelation, I almost stopped reading. Because while I understood Evas reasoning (thats a lie, I never did), it pissed me off that she wouldnt find. Shes a rich bitch! Fight, girl, fight. anyway, I loved Luke, and the partnership that he and Eva formed. There definitely could have been strife and tension between these two, but they realized that they had a common goal, and came together to realize it. And had lots of sexy times along the way. BTW, Im absolutely loving Sugar Valley and its residents. Hope we head back there soon! CCJ, you continue to amaze me.


Review #4

Audio The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) narrated by Sean Crisden Wesleigh Siobhan

Gut wrenching story, great chemistry between Eva and Luke, but exhausting. This story had me in tears and about to lose it totally. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for all involved, which includes the supporting characters. I loved Eva\’s sassiness and admired her take no prisoners attitude about how she chose to handle her situation. Me, I don\’t think so. This was a tuff subject, with a difficult decision to make.


Review #5

Free audio The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) – in the audio player below

I enjoyed this story just as much as the other ones I read by Christine. Her stories come to life when you read them. Eva always had everything, She never knew what real love was until she came to Sugar Valley. When she started reading Lukes grandmothers journal it sparked something in her. She read how this lady had to carry on with her life regardless of distractions. Luke agreed to have sex with her and never fall in love with her. Where as Leon was a yes man. When they both realized they loved each other, it changed things for the better. I was hoping she could get pregnant. Thats just me. Thank you again Christine


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