Nov 4, 2021

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In a Dark, Dark Wood audiobook

Hi, are you looking for In a Dark, Dark Wood audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

In a Dark, Dark Wood audiobook free

\”I think this is the worst book I\’ve ever read,\” I said disappointingly. \”Are you sure?\” she asked wonderingly. \”Yes. I believe so,\” I replied assuredly.


Review #2

In a Dark, Dark Wood audiobook streamming online

I should have known better. When I saw the reviewer comparing this book to Gone Girl and Girl on a Train, I should have moved on to another book. Because the reviewer was correct. This thriller is just as pointless and irritating as those. There is little or no explanation for the actions of the protagonist or the other characters, none of whom resemble real people; I could find no reason to care what happened to any of them. The plot seems strained, barely held together, and the action sort of limps to the conclusion. I thought the entire book just silly. I apologize for the rant. But I cannot understand these editorial reviewers giving such glowing recommendations to such unworthy pieces of writing.


Review #3

Audiobook In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

As many reviewers have already written, the plot is LUDICROUS and the tea scene at the end is absolutely MADDENING. This book was slow and I was sort of shocked when the murder happened at about 50% of the book (I read it on my Kindle so I don\’t know page numbers.) I thought to myself \”How are they going to fill up the rest of this book?\” And I was spot on: this book could\’ve ended at the 50% mark and I would\’ve liked it more. On the plus side: it\’s an easy read that you can finish on a domestic flight. How they are going to turn this into a movie is beyond me. No doubt, it will be a boring movie. Basically, here\’s the book so you can save your money (there are no real spoilers): 0%: Meet Nora 5%: Start ludicrous plot line 10%: Meet a motley crew of annoying characters 25%: Tequila and cocaine 50%: Murder (an alcohol and drug-fueled murder? Ruh roh!) 60%: Nora can\’t remember what happened. 70%: Nora still can\’t remember what happened. 80%: \”Oh why, oh why, can\’t I remember what happened?\” asks Nora. 90%: Eureka, Nora remembers what happened! 95%: Nora\’s having tea with the murderer because killing someone sure makes me thirsty for some Earl Grey. 100%: Thank God this book is over.


Review #4

Audio In a Dark, Dark Wood narrated by Imogen Church

Im not sure why this book has so many reviews touting how frightening it is: Be prepared to bereally scared, Read-with all the lights on, ReadBefore bed at your own risk, etc Because of these reviews, I WAS preparedand eagerto be scared. I wasnt. This book has some suspense, and it is intriguing. Its a good read, and I recommend it, but scary? Its about the same terror level as a flickering light in a storm, which may make you go, hmmm, or uh-oh, but unless youre an hysteric drama queen, its hardly frightening. In addition, it\’s ludicrous. You will be ready to throw this book at a wall when you, if you, make it to the ending. There\’s NO WAY women are this stupid…just drink the tea. Yeah. As for its comparison to Gone Girl, there is some merit there. I wont spoil it by getting into why. It seems theres a popular trend of female power being sinister. It reminds me of another obscure book I discovered recently, Polly Ticks which captures this much better. Wow. That book stuck with me. Talk about a sinister turn I guess I must admit to finding sinister women interesting, and I highly enjoy these books. Not sure what this says about me


Review #5

Free audio In a Dark, Dark Wood – in the audio player below

It wasn\’t at all \”scary\” as had been touted by Stephen King and Reese Witherspoon. What planet are they living on???


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