Dec 7, 2021

Dan Wells’s first book really brought sensation for the kids and even some of the teenage groups appreciated the space adventure in most parts of the world. The story that started from the discovery of the two planets favorable for human life became a space adventure when the human race sent two ships loaded with people towards the two planets. One of the ships was hijacked in Zero G by the space pirates and later we were told that the pirates even took the useful parts of the ship.

There was no way they could continue their journey and at the same time returning back to the mother earth was not possible at all. Emily Woo Zeller is again with the team in the narration department and there is a nice chemistry between the whole crew that really portrayed the scenario well in the first part. Now a new planet is approached by the people of the earth and first they thought that they have reached their destination but then when they analyzed the planet it was not what it seems to be.

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The dragon planet was not stranded or empty it had creatures that could never allow the human race to enter and build a colony for them. The continuity in the story is still there and without it this second part would not be that much appealing at all for the children.

The description of the new planets is also fascinating to listen too; the selection of words and the extra details of the landscape are ample to make a clear picture in the mind of the listeners. Member Benefit

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