Dec 6, 2021

Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6)

Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6)

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Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) audiobook free

This is the 6th and Final chapter in the Buried Goddess Saga, in which the forces of Light and Dark will come together for one final time, and decide the fate of Pantego.
This is one of the best Epic Fantasy Series I have ever read, and I have to admit to having a fair amount of trepidation upon reaching this final episode of the saga would it hold up, or was it going to pull a Game of Thrones on us?
Of course, with someone like Rhett Bruno at the Helm, it should have been an easy answer, but add to that the skill of Jamie Castle, and Word of Truth unleashes hell on Pantego on us, with all the wrath of resurrected Gods waring against those of unspeakable power, throw in multiple armies of different races, led by every living (and some not) Main Character we have seen in this series.
Whilst this book does go through all the required elements to meet a successful conclusion (and boy, I really mean it meets everything, the end of this book is worth reading the enter series for, just for this book alone, it is extraordinary, and you will find yourself riveted to the pages, foregoing sleep to see what happens to each of the Main Characters in what can only be described as one of the best endings of a Fantasy series I have ever read, it was not only inspired, but just outstanding), but as I was saying, whilst it meets this conclusion, one of the fascinating things about this story is the introspective nature of the story, the very clever way it explores aspects of not just the reality of the characters, but in a way, how their social, cultural, and religious norms relate to the Everyday Real World that we live in as well.
It doesnt get bogged down in any great social debates or theological discussions, but the social and intolerances that plague Pantego are quite easily transferred to the real world. The Authors have cleverly disguised these intolerances within the story, but the underlying themes of acceptance, that fear and hatred only lead to war (Yoda Tells us Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to the Dark Side, Hmmmm!!!). And it is quite clear in this story that Nesilia is not a happy Goddess.
I dont really want to go into any great depths about the actual story, I dont want to give away any spoilers (I mean, it is obvious that there are going to be a few battles, even a few deaths (there kind of has to be to end a series of this magnitude), but the real question is, who is going to win, because that is not a foregone conclusion.
Torsten and the Caleef, Mahraveh have arranged a marriage, in order to pull the Glass Kingdom and the people of the Sand together, uniting their armies and peoples under a single banner to stand against Nesilia. The Caleef (Mahi), is to marry King Liam, who at this stage, has grown old enough, to be considered a Man. Liam has actually come into his own, having gone through hell and back, and having done lots of training, he is now a wiry strong at will, young King, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his people. Initially, both parties are wary of the other, but quickly realise, that they feel a strong attraction to each other.
Torsten continues to command with the magical cloth around his eyes, allowing him to see, a gift from Iam. Having been gifted something like this, and having been saved by Iam on different occasions, Torsten, having never wavered in his faith that Iam is there, has really become a true Paladin for the God.
In the meantime, Whitney, Lucindur, and the recently freed Sora, along with Tum Tum, and a few others, are on a desperate mission of their own, believing that they may have a chance at being able to stop Nesilia, and if all else fails, Whitney figures they will die trying, so at least they will be dead before Nesilia unleashes whatever it is she is going to do to the rest of Pantego.
Nesilia meanwhile continues to devastate her way through wherever she likes, seemingly heading towards a goal, but all the while, savouring the destruction of anything and everything that she comes close to.
There are multiple other characters at play as well, as we see different aspects of the worlds plight from the view of the Caleef, Mahi, The Outcast Tum Tum, The Knight Torsten, The Mystic Sora, The Traitor Rand Langley, The Thief Whitney Fierstown, and The Servant Freydis.
The Character work continues to be extraordinary, from each of the 7 Main Characters to the dozens of other major characters and minor characters, each one is just so powerful, genuine, gritty, with dialogue that is so believable (given the circumstances), it makes the story so much more credible, grounding it real life. Whilst we know these arent real characters in a real world, this level of quality, reminds us of people that are real, or things that are real, making the story that much easier to engage with.
As well as the Characters, this is why the world building is so important, and again, why both these Authors are pure geniuses when it comes to it, creating these backdrops for the characters that are so lifelike that you want to go visit them, you can see them in your mind. Again, this level of uncompromising detail allows the reader to get totally lost in these magnificent places and thoroughly enjoy the story.
This is one of the most Epic Fantasy stories I have ever read (and at my age, I have read my share), and it is a real tribute that at Book 6, the story is still as strong, if not stronger, than Book 1. As I said before, it has one of the best endings I have found in a series, and it is worth reading just for the final pages in the story, they where that well done.
This is a series that cannot be missed, if you havent read it you have to, and if you havent read the finale yet make sure you do today, you will not be disappointed!!!


Review #2

Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) audiobook streamming online

This epic saga spanning six massive books rampages like a crazed zhulong to its final, inevitable showdown between good and evil. Through shog and piss the heroes have sloggedearning every meager advantage through terror, pain and loss. But the end is upon them. The breaking of the world is nigh. No spoilers. Just be assured that what awaits within this final chapter is an ending worthy of Tolkien. May Iams light guide you through.


Review #3

Audiobook Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) by Jaime Castle Rhett C. Bruno

True to form with this entire saga, there are numerous errors in spelling, grammar, and names. Ironic because author Jamie states he’s a “bit of a grammar officer” in his bio at the end of this book. Maybe they need a new editor or to at least proof read their own book before releasing it. The story was decent but had some lulls that made it feel like I had to trudge through but it was never bad. It just lacked a more personal touch or character depth and interaction to make me want more.


Review #4

Audio Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) narrated by Luke Daniels

Please read these. If you are wondering, yes…, this is worth going through all 6 books. I grew up reading Weis/Hickman and Tolkien. If you like those, you will enjoy this also.


Review #5

Free audio Word of Truth (Buried Goddess Saga #6) – in the audio player below

Great ending for the series. Would read more by this author anytime. Great story teller.


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