May 19, 2022

You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir

You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir

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You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir audiobook

Hi, are you looking for You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir audiobook free

I first saw Meghan on Clevver\’s Beauty Break. At the time, I thought she was funny, smart and engaging. Fast forward several years later, I have watched a lot of her content on YouTube as well as other platforms. My initial impression remains the same (she\’s awesome). I was excited to hear that she had written a book. Reading her book made me short out loud with laughter especially in regard to choosing and keeping friends. This book is clearly from Meghan\’s point of view. It sounds like her. While I have been a fan for a while, I was heart broken reading about her family. Still, she writes with more compassion then I would have been able to do so. Would I recommend this book? 100%! There is great advice with a lot of humour. Ultimately, be kind to yourself and read this book.


Review #2

You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir audiobook streamming online

Look – \”youtuber book\” isn\’t a slur – but most of them are written for the audience that watches that youtuber. This is chock full of good advice for young people, regardless of if you know who Meghan is, and for old people like me that grew up with trauma and were held back by a lot of it. She\’s got some amazing insights for someone so young. I really enjoyed this. And listen to her podcast, Don\’t Blame Me, because, as the kids say, it slaps. Did I say that right?


Review #3

Audiobook You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir by Meghan Rienks

This was great. I think the author did an awesome job of achieving what she planned when writing this book. She was the big sister we all needed. She doesn\’t tell us not to do it but she does explaine why it probably not a great idea to do what she did.. Its funny, and makes you want to keep reading.


Review #4

Audio You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir narrated by Meghan Rienks

I loved this book. Firstly, I\’m 26 and I\’ve followed Meghan for years on YouTube. Getting to read the parallels of our lives really proved that I\’m not special and confirmed why I felt so drawn to her on youtube. This book is an easy ready, and seems to be written for young minds. The only complaint I have is that it\’s a bit redundant at times, but I understand her reasoning for that.


Review #5

Free audio You’re Not Special: A (Sort-of) Memoir – in the audio player below

This was a great read. Ive watched Meghan since my 2nd year of college, and funnily enough, we went to the same college so it was kinda fun reading her refer to the college and city so much, despite the bad experience she had there. I laughed my ass off, and i definitely teared up. I dont think Ive ever laughed so hard when reading a book before. Its a great book, and I definitely recommend as most of us have gone through similar things.


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