Jun 20, 2022

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Just what can a person do when the world gets invaded by the zombies and more and more people that you once know walk as the undead in front of you. Waiting for death is never a solution for a human being, life is surely the most precious thing which we humans have and we just cannot quit on it.


So if a person cannot fight then he has to run as far as he can from the danger zone to survive as long as possible. Lucky for the human race the one with the zeal to survive is a fighter at heart because he used to belong to the Navy before the pandemic. So he is not running or hiding, at first, he was thinking about himself but now he is making an army of his own to stand against this disaster.

Chances of winning and surviving are quite low but giving up is not an option for the ex-army officer. He and his men will fight till the end of their lives and will not make themselves appear to be a loser at any rate.


J.L. Bourne showed in Beyond Exile that how life became tough for humans and here resistance movement is planning one more time to fight back. Becoming one of the blood thirsty parasites is not an option for these remaining humans so they have decided to die trying. Day by Day Armageddon: Grey Fox perhaps will have some secrets in it which will help the humans in this big war which has settled upon them and there is no solution against it.

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