Oct 5, 2022

72 Hours (Devlin Group #1)

72 Hours (Devlin Group #1)

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72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for 72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) audiobook free

I was in the mood for some fast-paced romantic suspense when I picked this book up and I got that. I also got danger, secrets, lies, and simmering sexual tension. Which is pretty much the yardstick by which I measure all books of this kind. So, YAY!

Grace and Alex have some things they need to work through. This is before she pops in to kidnap him and hand him over for her son’s life. Needless to say, their relationship is a little on the complicated side. Grace is harboring a few misconceptions about Alex. Alex is keeping secrets from her. And from most everyone else, come to think of it. Things are decidedly bumpy when they come together after so many years. As one would expect them to be.

Normally, I’m not a fan of big secrets being kept–especially when the secret in question is a kid–but I get why Grace did what she did. She had a hard choice to make and she thought she was doing the one thing that would keep her child safe. I’m still not a fan of keeping those sorts of secrets, but… I get it in this case. I get it.

Bottom line: I was looking for something that hit hard and left a few bodies in its wake and I got that. I liked the characters. I liked the chemistry between Grace and Alex (sexy times after an assignment are always nice, amirite?!?!) and I liked the secondary characters we got to meet. *thumbs up*

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

Review #2

72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) audiobook streamming online

Love this new series! Fast paced and action packed with lots of steamy moments. Imagine retiring from a job with a black ops and trying to live your life as a single, suburban mom, then being forced to take down the father of your child…the black ops leader. Thats where Grace Nolan finds herself. Grace has secrets…and so does her baby daddy, Alex Rossi. First they have to rescue Graces son.

Review #3

Audiobook 72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) by Shannon Stacey

This was a free kindle book that I got a couple of months ago. When I read the product description it seemed like an interesting concept – it gives you a descent overview.

The heroine, Grace Nolan, is an ex-agent trying to raise her son. The hero, Alex Rossi, is her ex-partner and the man she once loved.

This book was a quick read – nothing really unexpected. This was the first book I read by Shannon Stacy. I wasn’t overly impressed. The fact that I saw the ending coming from page one was very disappointing – I wish that the characters were more interesting – I found I was speeding through reading it so that I could (1) get to the end, (2) check it off the TBR list, and (3) move on. I am not going to continue the series but I have listed them here – in case anyone is interested.

The second book is available – The hero is Tony Casavetti. The Heroine is Charlotte Rhames.

On the Edge

The third book in the series is coming out June 2010:
The hero is John Gallagher. The Heroine is Carmen Olivera. – These are characters from book one.

No Surrender: The Devlin Group, Book 3

Review #4

Audio 72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) narrated by Meghan Kelly

This book, while a nice quick weekend read, was too predicable for me. It was wrapped up in a nice tight package (no pun intended). Retired agent Grace has her son kidnapped by bad guys. She goes to Alex Rossi, super agent and aka Sean Devlin owner of the super agency, to save the day, but oops did she forget to mention that Alex is actually the babies father (something she never had told him, but was perfectly clear when he sees a picture of the boy). They save the day and ride off to the sunset together. There is some great action, and hot sex moments, but the story was rushed, wrapped up so neatly, and lacked charactor development. Grace and Alex were developed nicely, but there were two great supporting charactors, Gallagher and Carmen, who appear to have great depth that was never explored.

Side notes, I loved the price (kindle feebie), but there were several gramatical mistakes. I am nowhere near perfect with my own grammer, but I am not an author, who hopefully has a great publisher behind them. When I find grammer mistakes that means they are glaring and I see that happening more and more books these days. What is going on?

Review #5

Free audio 72 Hours (Devlin Group #1) – in the audio player below

Grace Nolan is devastated when her son Danny is kidnapped. The ransom, Alex Rossi her former lover and partner. Desperate she asks Sean Devlin for his address intending to force him to the rendezvous and then leave him to die in exchange for her son. What she doesn’t know is Alex Rossi and Sean Devlin are one and the same. After a failed attempt to take him prisoner Alex discovers that Danny is also his son. The betrayal cuts deep but nothing will stop him from hunting the kidnappers and rescuing his boy. But can he also rescue his relationship with Grace. If he can’t convince her that they are better together will he be doomed to be always alone. I really enjoyed this romantic suspense full of action, secrets and lies and enough sexual chemistry to set a Kindle on fire.

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