Oct 23, 2022

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Flirting with 40 audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Flirting with 40 audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Flirting with 40 audiobook free

I was unimpressed with this book, and disappointed that Zachary Webber didn\’t narrate more chapters. I\’m really tired of the \’insecure woman who needs to be loved to find her strength\’ trope. To me, this was just a bit tedious and way too repetitive.


Review #2

Flirting with 40 audiobook streamming online

The story was cute and the concept was good but the character of the F was off. She was written as a whining, insecure woman. I get she has baggage but all the conclusions he kept to mostly had to do with being insecure. I love Emma Wilder but I hate it that she had to play this character because she already has a breathy voice and to add all the whining and insecurities made it that more amplified and I almost couldn’t finish the damn book. I have to say this is a fail for me. The high marks are for Slade and Zachary Webber.


Review #3

Audiobook Flirting with 40 by K. Bromberg

From start to finish, K. Bromberg wove a story that drew me in and had me riveted from the first to the last chapter and I was frustrated when real life got in the way of my reading. This is Ms.Bromberg writing at her best with a strong, emotional storyline and characters that you cannot help but fall for and whose story you quickly become invested in. Blakely Foxx and Slade Henderson were characters that were easy to relate to and I loved the, both separately and especially once they got together. Having recently divorced, Blakely is struggling,; her ex is already involved with another woman, half her age, her boss is being a jerk and she is just about to celebrate her 40th birthday. She cannot understand how a hot, and successful surgeon could possibly be interested in her. I loved how supportive Slade was and how caring and protective he is of Blakely. He was totally swoon worthy and I fell hard and fast for him as he helped Blakely get her confidence back. This book was exactly what I\’ve come to expect from K. Bromberg; it was well written, it will make you laugh, it will make you swoon and I loved it. Emma Wilder and Zachary Webber did an outstanding job with the narration and really brought the story to life for me.


Review #4

Audio Flirting with 40 narrated by Emma Wilder Zachary Webber

I was a little “boiling bunny crazy” over this one! Zachary Webber is my all time favorite narrator and he was excellent, as always. The story was a tad predictable but still very much enjoyable! Definitely worth a credit!


Review #5

Free audio Flirting with 40 – in the audio player below

As a woman who just turned 40 and is teetering on the edge of divorce, I was really put off by the female MC in this book. I understand insecurities, we all have them, but the level of whining and wallowing in this book was reflective of something you’d see in a YA novel, not something about a woman who has had almost 40 years of life experience. I had a horrible boss in my 30’s and struggled to manage it, but I was at the BOTTOM level, not a senior level employee who was offered a VP position and turned it down. It is completely unrealistic that this character would be so mousy with someone who is literally second fiddle. Also, why does she never talk to senior management about the issues she’s having? The other employees talk about the fact that they’ve gone to management. By the time you’re at that level, you know how to handle difficult people like that and if you don’t, you don’t deserve to be there. As for the relationship, she is an adult. Be an adult and HAVE A CONVERSATION! Jumping to conclusions and making assumptions is for teenagers who don’t know how to communicate yet. I get if she needs time to figure herself out before jumping into a relationship, totally valid (and I’m not a huge fan of a woman needing a man to love and be confident in herself) but if that’s the case, just TELL HIM. Don’t ignore his calls or attempts to explain like a child. I would have like to see some character development so she would have at least had the confidence to talk to him what she felt/though/wanted. When the guy is more mature than the woman it’s hard to believe or relate to. Anyway, rant done. Overall, I would not recommend going into this book if you are looking for, and excited to see a strong, confident, “older” protagonist. If you want that, read KF Breene’s Magical Midlife Madness series. Here, you will just get more of the same stuff that you find in YA/NA novels except that the FMC is all angsty about the age difference as well as the same old “does he like me, no he can’t possibly, so I’ll convince myself he doesn’t, and ghost him even though I’m desperately in love with him,” BS. I mean is there any woman who actually does that?


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