Oct 28, 2022

I Think I Might Love You (Love Sisters #1)

I Think I Might Love You (Love Sisters #1)

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I Think I Might Love You audiobook

Hi, are you looking for I Think I Might Love You audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

I Think I Might Love You audiobook free

This was my first book by this author and wont be my last because this joint had me laughing, smiling and giggling out loud while reading it. I highlighted entire sections of the book just because it was too funny to not want to read again!
Jacklyn and Kadan meet in the worst and funniest way possible. Im not going to spill how, but youll found out within the first pages. What Jacklyn thinks is a 1 time thing, ends up being random meet ups over and over. They cant seem to get away from each other. But, while Kadan is beyond attractive, Jacklyn has a lot on her plate from mourning a cheating ex, finishing school and running a business. She doesnt have time for relationships.
Kadan is back in town and working at the community animal center as their vet. Hes not expecting to see Jacklyn again, but he cant forget their first interaction nor his immediate interest. Theres 10 years between them though and shes got a bit more drama surrounding her than he thinks he wants to deal with. Right?
Their interactions are genuine and funny. Add on their family and friends, and it makes for a fun and dramatic read.
I got the recommendation for this book off of Book Riots romance newsletter and am so thankful that I not only read the sample but purchased and read the book…all within 24 hours. I promise you wont be disappointed!


Review #2

I Think I Might Love You audiobook in series Love Sisters

This book was freaking hilarious! From start to finish, I was legit cackling. This is my first Christina C Jones novella and won’t be my last. I’ve already bought the other two novellas and can’t wait to dive into Joia and Jemma’s stories. I will be making my way through her backlist slowly but surely.

My twitter peeps didn’t lie about how good and fun these books are. Just make sure you aren’t eating or drinking anything while reading because you might choke from laughing too much.

Jacklyn was a riot. always getting into trouble and the book starts with the best meet disaster I have ever read, between her and Kaden. lol that poor man went through it! This would be perfect on screen. all these shenanigans between these two as they’re forced to be in the same space an eventually fall for each other.

This is the black rom com everyone needs to read.!! Series that follow siblings are totally my jam and we get some conversations between the three sisters in here, that i’m sure will continue with the other two novellas. It’s of course funny and look just go buy this and read it


Review #3

Audiobook I Think I Might Love You by Christina C. Jones

Christina Jones is just freaking amazing. This was such a fun read. From the beginning, I was cackling like a damn fool, it was just that hilarious. Jaclyn Love is the definition of a bad ass girl; she stayed in trouble as a teenager. Now, all she wants to do is get her life together, get her degree and make bomb ice-cream. An unexpected encounter at her sisters house placed the sexy Veterinarian Kaden Davenport on her radar and lets just say they dont really hit it off. This was a super entertaining read, the witty banter between Kaden and Jackyn was top notch and just what the doctor ordered. They had an instant connection, so I knew immediately that their fake anger towards each other wouldnt last long. I enjoyed Jaclyns spirit. Positive change is already tough to accomplish, but to be repeatedly judged and reminded of your past behavior is the worst. Kaden had my interest from the beginning scene-real talk. The way he matched Jaclyns energy and antics was pure gold. He didnt hesitate to call out her behavior or pour is heart out to her and I loved to see it. The whole family was literally off-the-chains and I cant wait to re-vist them again. Christina did it again with this Light, funny and easygoing read. I cant wait to meet the other Love sisters.


Review #4

Audio I Think I Might Love You narrated by Dana La Voz Dontavious Breighton

What a fun read and so relatable! It was funny and comical in way that wasn’t even cheesy. Wow. I cackled the WHOLE way through this book! There are so many quotes and silly moments I just had to highlight to keep in mind. Whew. What a breath of fresh air. Reading this felt so good. I will be coming back to this one for laughs for sure.


Review #5

Free audio I Think I Might Love You – in the audio player below

This book was so much fun from start to finish and it brightened my day to read it. Jaclyn has just learned her live-in-boyfriend has a wife and kids, so after trashing his car she goes to her sisters house – only to find out its been sublet to Kadan. Their first meeting involves a knees-to-balls reaction, but when Jaclyn finds a cat outside her apartment and takes it to the vet, it turns out Kadan works there! They really start to bond and start towards a benefits type relationship when Jac decides to do her 400 hours of community service at the animal clinic and they begin to bond. This whole novella was so much fun, and there was one scene that had me laughing so hard I could barely keep reading! Looking forward to more from Christina C Jones!


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