Oct 2, 2022

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Mad at the World audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Mad at the World audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.



Review #1

Mad at the World audiobook free

This book gets a three star review; would have like to give 2 and 1/2 stars. The book is informative; however, at the same time the author seems to always give Steinbeck a break when it comes to his relations with the ladies prior to his final (3rd) marriage. The author continually calls into question the memories of the first two (Carol and Gwen/Gwyn) — despite the author acknowledging that Carol basically gave up her career to become Steinbeck’s “rewrite specialist” and his regular embarrassment of Gwen (not allowing her to sing at dinner parties because it would draw attention away from him, etc., etc. etc.). Just take the title of book to heart when it comes to relationships, especially with women. The third wife gives up her soul to be Steinbeck’s foundation (for him and his writing.. I love his books, but came away from this book, not liking the man.

Poor edition; not always clear about which year something happens. Seems the author is in love with his subject…


Review #2

Mad at the World audiobook streamming online

Not being a huge Steinbeck aficionado, I had experienced his work primarily through the multiple movie versions of his novels which have been presented over the years. Who can resist watching Henry Fonda play Tom Joad, Marlon Brando as a laughable Zapata, or not drop a few tears as the mouse-squishing Lennie and his pal George complete their tragic duet? I picked up Souder’s book because I had just read about the 3 million dollar renovation of the wooden fishing boat, “Western Flyer”, used by Steinbeck and his pal Ed Ricketts on their trip to the Sea of Cortez. I thought the book would simply be a diversion to pass time during this interminable pandemic. Instead it was a well written scholarly appraisal of Steinbeck’s life and work and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to rediscover one of the twentieth centuries’ most prolific writers. I found that Steinbeck and Hemingway shared more than a taste for alcohol and failed marriages, with Souder’s suggestion of Steinbeck’s chronic traumatic encephalopathy which I had previously proposed in Hemingway in 2017 in an article I published. Unfortunately, I also found that “Travels with Charlie” the Steinbeck book that I had enjoyed the most in my youth was probably fiction. Souder’s research succeeded in expanding my knowledge of this important American writer and also made some of the pandemic time pass more rapidly.


Review #3

Audiobook Mad at the World by William Souder

In riveting scenes, Souder shows in Mad at the World how Steinbecks investigation into the destitute lives of California migrant workers became The Grapes of Wrath. A champion for the underdog, Steinbeck wrote about starving and disease-ridden families living in box cars, searching for any kind of hope. His best-selling novel precipitated attacks against him from the Associated Farmers and changed his life as an author.

With new-found fame, Steinbecks neuroses and perfectionism about his work heightened. His other storiesThe Red Pony, Tortilla Flat, and Of Mice and Menare also related with their back stories in appealing biographical detail. In a cautionary thread, Souder tells us about the highs and lows Steinbeck experienced with his three wives, and then how Hollywood came calling, leading to celebrity woes. He always worried about paying his income taxes.

A writers writer, Souders method of using no block quotations and an unobtrusive endnote style creates a fluid experience for the reader, letting his exquisite language shine. The biographys portrayal of social injustices resonates with our contemporary concerns, with the possibility that awareness inspires change. Mad at the World contains many of these relatable moments, which Souder conveys with page turning storytelling.

Beautifully researched and high recommended.


Review #4

Audio Mad at the World narrated by David Colacci

Strange book, more of a history lesson then a biography. Author does not add much to Steinbecks legacy , lots of innuendoes and this is what Steinbeck really was doing or thinking. I believe at some subliminal level the author does not like Steinbeck. End of book seems to be truncated, like the author got bored with the subject so he ended it quickly. Poor read, dont waste your time on this tome.


Review #5

Free audio Mad at the World – in the audio player below

I’ve read a number of books about distinguished authors, but I would rank this one at the top. I was unable to put the book down, finishing it in two days. Having read many of Steinbeck’s books, it was fascinating to mesh those books with the with timeline of the author. One does not come away compelled by the lifestyle of Steinbeck, but from beginning to end, William Souder does a commendable job of weaving each of Steinbeck’s books with life of the author. Definitely a five star!


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