Oct 10, 2022

The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2)

The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2)

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The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) audiobook free

I dove into this one to see where things would go. I had no clue where the author was going to take me in this one…

Can I say I was disappointed in how things played out? I was. I was pleased with the ending, but the steps getting to the ending I was not pleased with.

I loved all of the characters in the previous book. I can honestly say that I no longer like Katya. She is evil and selfish. Nothing she did was okay in this one. I actually was rooting for Liam and Wolf both to just walk away, maybe both finding someone better by the end of the book, leaving Katya alone. That’s how I ended up wanting the book to end.

She redeemed herself just a little by the end. So I was okay with how the book ended and who she ended up with, even though she didn’t deserve him.

Needless to say, I wasn’t as into this book as I was the first one. I felt like the author was struggling with how to get to the happily ever after for these characters. It was okay and didn’t really wow me.


Review #2

The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) audiobook streamming online

The Neighborhood is the second installment in Stylo Fantome’s Twin Estates series. This book was just as awesome as the first one. It picks up right where the first book ends so I was immediately pulled right back in with all the emotions that I felt. I love reading a story that has love triangle when it is written well. And believe me, this one is! The only time I get upset on a love triangle is if my chosen man is not the chosen one. Thank gosh he was the chosen one on this one!!! The drama has returned. This story also had so many twists and turns that I kept me completely hooked. I could not put this book down!

“He may have lost the first battle, but he wouldn’t lose the war”

What I loved about this book was that I got to see a lot of growth with the characters. They have changed so much from the first book. Katya struggles so much through this book. Deciding with what is right and wrong. What I loved so much is the self discovery each character had in this book. Katya realizes that she isn’t either the old Kat or the new Kat, but a blend of the two. And I loved that. We finally learn what makes Liam and Wulf tick. Finally see the insecurities that both Liam and Wulf have. Why they are the way they are. How they have and plan to overcome it. But I did end up feeling sorry for these boys which was shocking. They deserved what they got.

“Because you’re still thinking of it as a game, and regardless of what she said tonight, she stopped being a game to me a long time ago”

Katya was hurt tremendously so she wanted to take revenge and make those boys feel how they made her feel. She struggled with this as well. She felt as if she was doing wrong and yet she felt she was doing right. She wanted to do what would make her feel better and at the time, it was making those boys pay. And yes, how they acted made them boys. Throughout the revenge scheme, Katya became more confused with her feelings for these men. She wanted to forgive. She wanted her best friend back. But one of the guys hurt her the most and she didn’t think she could ever forgive him. Katya was so much stronger in this book. She stood up for herself.

“I’m here with you in the dark. You never have to be scared with me”

Wulf we get to see his vulnerable side a lot more in this book. His insecurities. He always thought Katya would make the right decision, and yet at times, he was concerned that she would make the wrong decision. Loving Katya was a new experience for him and he fought so hard for her. Played her games. Did whatever she asked. He always stayed the same though. Always brooding. In this book we see how selfless Wulf truly is. What he has done for his family.

“You said you would fight for me. You said you would believe in me. You said you would bring me back from hell. Time to get to work, Tocci”

“What is good or right isn’t an option anymore. It’s moved into the realm of need. I need her, so much. She belongs with me, we belong together. So however long it takes, that’s how long it takes. I can play the part of a stone and wait her out. It’s what I was born to do, after all.”

Liam has so many insecurities. Everything is a game to him and he always has to try to win no matter what. He has always felt second best so he wasn’t going to lose this game. He put all his cards on the table and fought for the girl he wanted as well or so he thought. I loved the friendship that he had with Katya. I loved how they were when they were together.

“Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something, because then I will do it better than it’s ever been done before.”

Things really take a change when something tragic happens in Katya’s life. That event starts them on the path to where and who they end up with. And OH-MY-GOSH!!!! The scene with Katya professing her love for the chosen guy at the end in the fountain made me swoon and cry. It was just so beautiful, and I was so happy.

“Having a good neighbor is nice, but having one that loves you and takes care of you and makes every moment feel like it’s catching fire? Well, that’s just the best neighbor ever…”

The Neighborhood was a beautifully written story full of love, regret and forgiveness. I LOVED everything about this book. I truly felt for these characters. I was very happy about how everything turned out. DEFINITELY happy!!! I am really hoping Stylo writes a novella on Katya and her man. I would love to see them again!! I can’t wait to get the next story though!!!


Review #3

Audiobook The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) by Stylo Fantôme

So, Ms. Fantme finally gave us the second book in her Twin Estates series, and I can now get a whole nights sleep, after that edgy cliffhanger she left me with after the first book.

My expectations for this book were sky high, and I could hardly wait to get my hands on it and read it. How would she let the story go on, after the huge revelation in the first book? Would any of the characters end up with each other?

As the brilliant writer Stylo Fantme is, she once again wrote an amazing story. She tied up all the loose ends from the first book and gave us a deeper insight into Katya, Liam and Wulfric minds. She kept the reader in suspense throughout most of the book, and I just loved the love triangle she had created.

Im not going to reveal anything about the actual storyline of the book because the plot is once again quite heavy. But the books starts with the reader touching base with Katya, Liam and Wulf. It gives us a feeling of their mental state after the ending of the first book, and I really liked that.

The book is filled with emotions, and Ms. Fantme takes us through a whole palette of feelings. Anger, hurt, sorrow, betrayal and its all sprinkled with a heavy dust of love and lust.

She has opened up for a lot of new characters, and I would love to hear more of those.

Thanks to the author for this amazing advanced copy.


Review #4

Audio The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) narrated by Greyson Ash


After this first book I was dying to see what would happen next after that explosive ending.

After being betrayed by both Liam and Wulf, both trying to right their wrongs with Katya. Will it be so easy to show her how wrong they were and how sorry they really are.

Leaving just one question,team Liam or team Wulf? , I know what team I like but who will Katya pick?

When Katya tries to play them at their own game, it’s not easy when the two men who are both so different. I like both Liam and Wulf, they both had different qualities and did seem genuinely be trying to make it right. I found at times Katya’s games were fun, yet silly and she should know playing games never work.

So who will Katya pick? You’ll just have to read and find out, but while I liked both men I did have a favourite. I did think I knew who it would be, but I did love reading about this Neighbourhood.


Review #5

Free audio The Neighborhood (Twin Estates #2) – in the audio player below

Well where to start?
I did like this read, lots of omg, moments but somehow the heart gripping moments did not exist for me. I do think Kayla made the correct decision and chose the correct man but I still feel very frustrated with the 3 main characters and especially Katys. I would like to say I could not put this book down but alas I had no problem leaving this read hours and sometimes days before reading a bit more…….I am not a quitter but I did struggle….a good read but not a great read.


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