Nov 14, 2022

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby

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Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby audiobook free

A cute, quick read.
I enjoyed this story.
Jonah and Naomi.
They shared one night together four years ago. No last names, no contact information, and he snuck out in the middle of the night. Five weeks later, an unexpected surprise. Shes pregnant. Now hes shown up to fix the mess that is the real estate company she works for. Soon hes the new boss, the feelings they shared are stronger than ever, and she doesnt know how to tell him hes the father of her young son.
I liked both of these main characters.
Naomi was a woman who carried a lot on her shoulders. Shes a single mom, who lives with and provides for her older parents. Her dad is disabled. They live on her salary and the little her mom brings in as a seamstress. They all share a tiny two bedroom apartment. But she does it all with a smile on her face.
Jonah was raised by his father. His mother passed away when he was young. His dad was strict, but loved him in his own way. They didnt have a lot growing up, but they werent lacking anything. Hes built his reputation as a corporate fixer. Every dollar he has, hes earned by working hard, sometimes too hard. That was what ultimately ended his marriage. Too many hours at the office.
It was a good book. I really enjoy this authors writing style. The story flowed nicely, kept my attention. The side characters were great, added a lot in their brief appearances.
A complete standalone. Its told in dual points of view. No cheating, no cliffhanger. Relatively little drama. And a happy ending.


Review #2

Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby audiobook streamming online

Naomi just knew she would find love one day just not the way she did. Jonah was celebrating his divorce and looking for some action. Being in town for only one night gave the two would-be lovers the chance to do what people do when away from home. Neither thought they would see the other again nor be surprised by the baby they would create. Imagine if you can running into your baby daddy and he not remember you. You are working for said baby daddy is just a little too much. This love story really hit where it hurt the most and it healed where it needed to heal too. The hero and the heroine learned that sometimes you have to face fears head-on if you are going to be able to hold up your end of things. Money is needed for the necessities in life and to help people who are in need and Naomi was always counting pennies and trying to help her family. Jonah was one to spend and worry a little later. All in all when he found out he had a son, he was upset but he also realized that Naomi did the best she could with her family and resources. Which made for a better for them as a couple and as a family. I enjoyed the story very much and will read the next novel that comes out.


Review #3

Audiobook Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby by Jolie Day

Jonah and Naomi, we’re not together during the love scenes. But that’s where the interest in the book ends. Jonah and Naomi slept together four years ago she was a virgin. It was a one night stand. When she woke up the next morning in the hotel, she was alone. He left her, with no more or cell #. Fast forward four years later. Jonah shows up at her job, where he’s their new consultant. To add insult to injury, he didn’t even remember her. And to make things worse she’s raising their son alone. Jonah has no idea that he’s a father, until the end of the story. Little Timmy looks like Jonah. He’s been to their apartment in several occasions and saw Timmy who is now four years old. And not once did Kinston notice the resemblance between them, not did he do the math. He’s the only one she slept with four years ago. She was a virgin. He never once out two and two together. And the title of the book is ” Billionaire Boss”, but in the story he was just another CEO Consultant that has some money, no where near a billion, maybe some millions, if that much. The story was not thorough with the details at all. They did not show any interactions between Jonah and Timmy as father and son. The only interactions that was going on was between Jonah and Naomi having lots of hot sex.


Review #4

Audio Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby narrated by D.C. Cole

This is a delightful tale filled with fun, a bit of drama, and plenty of steamy passion. Naomis snark and sass and Jonahs cocky smugness make for the best interactions. Theres so much humor in their sexiness together it makes this a very amusing and entertaining read, and their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS! The characters are all well-drawn, and the storylines charm is so entertaining that youll find it hard to put down. I highly recommend this very enjoyable romance.


Review #5

Free audio Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby – in the audio player below

I love secret baby romance and Billionaire Boss: Secret Baby is just fabulous. I’d call it a second chance. Naomi and Jonah have a this chemistry early on in their first meeting. I love Naomi’s attitude towards Jonah when she re-meets him years after their night together. You feel that pull still there between them. Jonah is just trying to do his job that he is brought and watching him break his rule is so hot. I love Naomi and Jonah together. They is the underlining sweetness between them wrapped up in a sexy package. I couldn’t put this one down and was left with a huge grin on my face.


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