Nov 13, 2022

Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1)

Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1)

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Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) audiobook free

I read just about every genre there is. I can do raunchy erotica all the way to young adult. Aliens? Shifters? Bully Romance? Yup, bring it on. The only genres I don’t dabble in are religion and cowboys. Trust me when I say though, I am familiar enough with genre types to know what I am reading.

I thought Flames of Chaos being called an “epic fantasy” would be like Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin or Angelfall by Susan Ee. Instead of a romantic fantasy, I got a full on erotica book with fantasy elements thrown in. Which, I was surprised but cool with changing gears. Be warned and trust me on this, it is a sex book with hardly any plot. Know what you are signing up for.

As far as the sex scenes go, the author did a good job. She made two people who HATE one another have great chemistry. She had a unique idea of the “beasts inside them” wanting one another while the human shell did not. It made for some great chemistry. So again, you like erotica, go for it!

As far as character development and plot goes, this is lacking. The sneak peak inside the book is very promising, believe me that quickly after the preview turns into a plot standstill. I feel a story needs to move forward in feet every chapter and inches every paragraph. I encourage the author to take a read through her book and ask herself what we learn in each chapter.

Knox’s perspective could have been an excellent chance to make this one dimensional hot bad guy be something more. Instead we get to learn why he hates our main character (one sentence), he is going to betray her (one sentence), and despite hating her he still wants to sleep with her (many chapters worth). Each paragraph felt like a ramble of him wanting and complaining about her. VERY similar sentences were used just paragraphs away. His chapters could easily be cut out and the story stays the same.

Aria has multiple sisters that are all different things. Some are succubus, werewolves…and other things. The sisters don’t matter. Them all being a different fantasy things don’t have a bearing on the plot. They are casually mentioned as being in locations as Aria. They don’t affect the story. With the exception of the missing twin, all sisters should have been cut out.

Aria is said to be brilliant. Even her enemy Knox tells us this. It is mentioned over and over again, but I am not buying it. This author did what I call “off camera” moments and “on camera moments.” Meaning, the author gave you instances of Aria being stupid time and time again (on camera). When there are men after her she will leave the protection of her house and Knox’s house when she is warned not to. What do you know? She gets attacked. She will bathe naked in the middle of the woods or go wandering when there is a threat out. What do you know? Aria is getting attacked again! These are actions of an emotional, not overly bright person. The author then does a big reveal at the end proving Aria was planning something all along. HAHA she is so smart (off camera). I did not see it coming and I don’t believe it.

To sum up, a novel should have characters changing who they are as people. The state of things need to be different than in the beginning. That is why we read a story. Flames of Chaos has two people hating each other from the beginning to still hating each other at the end. The only thing that has changed is the setting of where they hate each other. Not much happens but a whole lot of sex. So it is up to you on how much plot you can give up.


Review #2

Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) audiobook streamming online

If you’re into hard to follow plots, characters who keep saying the same thing over an over again or doing the same thing over an over again, a dark romance that is everything but romance, and characters that aren’t consistent in their personalities then this book is for you. I finished reading it because I was curious about some key plot points but those aren’t answered whatsoever.


Review #3

Audiobook Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) by Amelia Hutchins

Knox & Aria have been brewing since the release of Fighting Destiny. All the greatness we’ve seen throughout Fae Chronicles and spinoffs are ingredients too these two characters!

Amelia hasn’t outgrown Faery, but if Flames of Chaos is any indication of what we can expect from the 9 Realms series, well, I’m gonna say Faery might have found it’s match! To be honest people, I’m not sure even Amelia can top Knox and Aria!

Comedy!! Yes everyone, Amelia has become hilarious! I cracked up so many times I lost count! Seriously laughing out loud unable to read through the tears of laughter! Omg Amelia has lost her damn mind!!! It’s so funny and her comedic delivery is perfect!

The storyline that’s tough to talk about without teasers! Knox and Aria play a cat-and-mouse game that has a surprise, untried by Amelia previously! The witches come home to search for their sister. Upon arrival Knox informs them the he is now King of their home. Aria and her sisters must now deal with a mysterious disappearance and Knox’s interrogations and arrogance. The sparks that fly are metaphorical and physical regarding several situations!

Overall you’ll feel like you’ve just met this group but you’re already old friends! The only discordant melody I heard in my head throughout the entire story is how fast it moves! I would have personally loved to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel more of everything. Luckily, there’s plenty more books in the series to give us that!

Amelia’s best protagonist yet!


Review #4

Audio Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) narrated by Brian Pallino Stella Hunter

Wow….. this was the culmination of 13 days of writing! 13 days!!?!! Amelia is a phenomenal author and I have no idea how she created such a complex world in such a short time. Knox – our alpha male- is driven by revenge and guilt. He lost people he loves and has chosen to take out all that hatred on Hecates bloodline. He has been planning the decimation of that entire bloodline for 500 years and we meet him in the final phase of that process. Aria- our heroine and the strongest of her sisters is forced back to her hometown to find her missing twin. Its obvious really early that she is a powerhouse due to the other half of her genetics ( which remains unknown). The extent of her power is yet to be tested but she surprised me many times thought the storyline with what she can do.

Aria is the culmination of characters like Syn, Lena, and Erie. She IS the Alpha female. She is methodical, perceptive, and intelligent on her own but her other half brings an absolute alpha personality and power base that cannot be ignored. Knox has been moving his chess pieces around playing war for so long but Aria…Aria walks into the picture and decimates it. She refused to be used and will do anything to protect her sisters.

The humor in this book is superb. I intend to bring some of these one liners into every day conversation now because they were that good. Aria takes Knox to task on numerous occasions but is still so innocent and pure in her actions that you cant help but love her. I loved pineapples before, but now they hold a special place in my heart. I cant wait to see how Aria plays the game in book two.


Review #5

Free audio Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) – in the audio player below

I was initially unsure whether I would enjoy this, would it be as good as the Fae Chronicles would I like the characters as much? It was freaking brilliant, and I devoured it, ignoring everything to sit and read. I love Aria, she is feisty and fabulous, the one liners and inner monologues cracked me up and her strength throughout all her ordeals is something else. Knox has now replaced Ryder as my all time fav character that I love to hate! I loved the chapters from his POV which give insight into why hes acting the way he is, I loved the storyline and the new world created, I dont love pineapple so much anymore though! So looking forward to the next in the series.


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