Nov 30, 2022

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One Good Thing audiobook

Hi, are you looking for One Good Thing audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

One Good Thing audiobook free

Kacey Shea has such a gift for stories that will have you devouring her books in one sitting! Slow burn but not dragging slow and HOT scenes that pay off the slow burn part of the book! Cora is an award winning actress we got to know her and love her in the off track record series. Issac oh my god issac!!! Issac if a single dad who is trying to keep his head above water doing his best to care for his son and also make sure they have a future that is better than what they have now. This story is an amazing ride, so well written and I would read this book and think wow that was a great story but Lessa Lamb and Tim Paige just blew it out of the water!!! Lessa is so talented he voice is like a sip a great tequila after a long day and Tim’s performance was just so amazing I am Mexican and the minute I heard the first lines on his narration I was so impressed with his work. Get this book!!!!!


Review #2

One Good Thing audiobook streamming online

Let\’s start with the easy part. I like Tim Paige. He does a descent job narrating. I am not too fond of Lessa Lamb. Her narration was too slow and too breathy such that I had to speed up this audio 1.4X otherwise it was getting on my nerves. I don\’t know if that is a flaw in Lessa\’s narration or if that is a fail on the editor\’s part. Aside from speed, she doesn\’t have the best male narration. At times I thought Isaac was one of his sisters.. Honestly, Tim Paige was the only thing saving this narration. As for the story, I think this might be the second book by KS that I didn\’t really like. I felt as if Cora slowly stopped being Cora in order to fit into Isaac\’s world. Maybe it\’s just me but I felt like she traded in her fire for domesticity so that she can have something \’real\’. As for Issac, I can understand how having a child with undiagnosed Autism can be overwhelming but most of the bumps in this relationship were because he would take one step forward then take two steps back. I guess I am not a fan of indecision especially for someone who is admant from the start about moving forward. Overall, I wouldn\’t recommend someone to spend a credit on this but I like KS and she does have some other awesome listens that I would recommend. This listen just wasn\’t for me. It might be awesome for someone else though 🙂


Review #3

Audiobook One Good Thing by Kacey Shea

I was so excited to dig into this one! Cora has been a character that I have followed from the first 3UG book. I hated her then liked her now and As the stories went on I grew to respect her. She might be a Hollywood actress but in some way you would never guess it. I like how she is depicted in here. We really get to know more about her and her want of a guy just for her. Enter the coffee serving, college going single….dad? That is a surprise but he is busy busy busy and doesn’t know if he has time for anyone. I loved that he didn’t become star struck. He treated Cora like a regular person. Seeing these two come together is magic. I enjoyed his son and the stress, wonderment and difficulty surrounding him. Overall it’s not what I expected for Cora which makes it surprising and exciting. I did listen to this on audio. Tim Paige who is a new narrator to me did wonderful and Leesa Lamb did a great job as usual.


Review #4

Audio One Good Thing narrated by Lessa Lamb Tim Paige

Wow. Just wow. I totally auto one clicked this one yesterday because duh, Tim Paige. I didn’t expect to binge it and almost finish it the first day I listened (I would have if I hadn’t been so tired last night. ?) It has it all. The story is brilliant. Powerful and covers a range of topics from work/life balance, single fatherhood, Autism, self confidence and society norms. I was blown away. The characters are so real and deal with the “Am I good enough?” Question that plagues most of us. There is brilliant heat to balance the seriousness plus funny and feel good moments that have you happy crying along with the ugly cry. Kacey Shea thank you for writing this book and thank you Tim Paige and Lessa Lamb for delivering such a dynamite performance. Okay. Gonna go have a book hangover now.


Review #5

Free audio One Good Thing – in the audio player below

I loved this book, the story and the characters are absolutely amazing. Kacey Shea is one of my favorite authors, she is a gifted author who creates stories that are realistic and easy to relate to and she includes people from different walks of life, some who you would think would never work or mix in real life, but she shows us how it is done. Cora, an actress who works hard and is making a name for herself in the industry, in a good way of course. I loved that her success and fame never went to her head and she always remembered her roots. She enjoyed visiting a local coffee shop to chat with the barrister, ok she kind of crushed on him and decided it was time to make a play on him. Isaac, a single Dad, works several jobs to make ends meet and trying to finish college all while raising his three year old son. He has a supportive family but there is only so much they could do. He is an admiral character, I loved his huge heart and his dedication to his son David. Cora had to leave the country to film on location, she could not get Isaac out her mind and it was the same for him. So when Cora sees him working on the movie set she is pleasantly surprised, Isaac was a little unsure of himself at first but the chemistry between them could only be denied for so long. I loved how everything plays out in this book, the story is beautifully plotted with plenty of drama, heartfelt and emotional moments and the start of a wonderful romance. I thought Cora and Isaac were perfect together and for each other, she was great with David too. Kacey Shea thank you for another awesome story and emotional roller coaster ride. I loved the cameo appearance of Three Ugly Guys, happy to see Cora and Trent remained friends over the years. ??? And for the narration, Tim Paige and Lessa Lamb are the perfect cast to bring these characters to life, they gave each their own voice and personality. Their portrayal of the characters was spot on, it was like they made each role their own, Tim Paige became Isaac, sounding just like I pictured him to sound, the same with Lessa Lamb’s Cora. They were great playing the secondary characters too. Their talent has no limits and it truly shines in this book as they captured every single emotion these characters felt and projected them into their performance. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this awesome listen and for all the heart you put into your work.


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