Nov 13, 2022

Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3)

Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3)

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Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) audiobook free

What I enjoyed most about this series is that the MC was not afraid to take out the bad guys. Usually the MC`s in these stories go through moral dilemmas when thinking about taking out the bad guy…and we all know that their lack of action always comes back to bite them in the butt. Serafina didn’t hesitate and I appreciated that. She was a bit more violent than I would be, but I appreciated that she understood that sometimes action has to happen. (I am not suggesting I would ever be a vigilante in real-life. This is strictly my opinion in story land.)
The series is well developed and the characters were interesting. The plot flowed well and wasn’t over done. I enjoyed this series.


Review #2

Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) audiobook streamming online

Serafina is pulling threads to find even more waving about needing to be snipped. Learning the truth about Eltian was shocking. The demon betrayal not so much. And the prison itself? Oh, plots within plots. This single focus game just became whack-a-mole on a triple espresso high with a shot of cocaine. Time to break out the torture and pyrotechnics and turn Elemental Batwoman loose.

Spoilers ahead.
A very neat and tidy wrap up. A little too pat, and rather syrupy for our murder happy heroine.
*The very brief glimpse into the fae realm matches nothing we’ve been told, even by Fergus.
*Eltian’s character either was a consumate actor hiding his true nature or pulled a 180 out of nowhere.
*Why would a good king endorse outdated laws that would hurt his people? Isolationism is never good. Killing people for reproducing is heinous.
*Prisons aren’t supposed to be for-profit. They’re a necessary evil. Rehabilitation is one thing. But prisons that make profits are because they “hire” out prisoners for labor that the prisoners see pennies of but the prison receives profitable contracts for. It’s basically a modern slave trade.
*We’re told that summonings are fun for demons, then told that they’re killed during them- one of the reasons a particular demon is part of the rebellion. If it’s so dangerous, why haven’t shadow demons been sent out to find out how it’s done to prevent it? They’ve had hundreds of years, thousands even.
*How long do the various races live? Fae are immortal, demons, too. Are vampires? Shifters? Elementals have fae blood. Does it extend their lives past normal human lines? Does living in Hell allow you to live longer? World building has been scant and I’m curious how these races are going to age together.
*It’s mentioned several times how pale Roman is but not that he has to avoid sunlight, so why’s he pale? Blondes can tan. But his paleness is tied to being a vampire according to the story, but he never has to take precautions before going out in the day.
*For a big secret Fergus sure is put on display a lot.
*For all the time the others gave each other for bonding, Fergus sort of became an afterthought. Skoll was given alone time with her for his wolf. Roman, to strengthen his initial partial bite bond. Amd, he seems more focused on Roman than Serafina this book. As in a few scenes he only has access to her through Roman. Literally, through Roman.
*Who says knitting isn’t exciting? Just ask Jamie Lee Curtis how helpful knitting needles are! (Original Halloween reference, for those that haven’t seen that classic lol)

I enjoyed the series. I enjoyed her monsters series, too. Even with the dissonance going on. The sarcasm and one liners keep things going when conflicting concepts and editing errors try to drag you out. I will be keeping an eye out for future releases.


Review #3

Audiobook Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) by JB Trepagnier

This third and final book in the Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary Series by JB Trepagnier had a lot of action and adventure in it as Serafina and her reverse harem attempt to find out who was behind the prison problems, who was trying to take over hell, and who was involved with the genetic testing. Of course, she and the vampire, the wolf, the demon, and her guardian had a variety of sexual escapades between some of them and all of them. And, as the author is known for, it was all described in hot juicy and most erotic vivid details. This story was also about trying to discover where Serafina belonged in terms of her fae family with her father and grandfather, as well as her demon family in Hell. It was sad to see the series end. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Booksprout.


Review #4

Audio Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) narrated by Portia Kay Winters

Serafina, a half-human/half-Fae fire elemental, finally meets her father who framed her and got her sent to Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary for a crazy warlock to experiment on her! So she beat the crap out of him, but hasnt killed him yet, although that was on her to-do list. There was a reason he did what he did, so for the moment they are uneasy allies with the fate of two realms depending on Serafina and her guys to figure out the rest of the details, like who was behind the prison problems and trying to take over hell. You wont want to miss this exciting conclusion that will have you jumping up out of your chair!

One again, lots of things are happening in this book, but the reader will be intrigued and delighted as the author makes it all come alive! Grab your copy and enjoy the final adventure to see how it all works out!


Review #5

Free audio Risky Business (Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary #3) – in the audio player below

JB continues a great series with a dynamic series ending. Serafina, Roman, Amducias, Skoll, and Fergus are back and they are getting payback for the treatment they endured in Scorchwood. They find out that her father isn’t the bad guy they thought, and the warden is just the beginning of who they are after. The main culprit behind it all is a lot closer to Hell than expected–it’s another Duke of Hell who’s plotting to kill all 7 kings & take over Hell.

Non-stop action from page 1. Great characters & world building. This is a definite must read series. Ends with HEA for everyone. Add to your TBR list.


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