Nov 30, 2022

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Something (Full Murderhobo #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Something (Full Murderhobo #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Something (Full Murderhobo #1) audiobook free

So this book says that it’s going to follow one main character but that’s not true. The book follows three main characters and jumps between the three because they are separate most of the book. For someone who HATES multiple main characters this was extremely annoying. On the upside, two of the three characters are actually enjoyable to read. The supposed main character was my favorite and I wish it had focused on him.


Review #2

Something (Full Murderhobo #1) audiobook streamming online

If you want to see the real reviews, go to the Goodreads website. Amazon Audible pulls reviews for any books that have been returned. So so books tend to float to the top with better ratings because they are mostly positive and very skewed.


Review #3

Audiobook Something (Full Murderhobo #1) by Dakota Krout

I\’m an old head from WuxiaWorld …so I love cultivation novels. This is shaping up to be my favorite series from Mountaindale Press so far!!! DK was the first author I found who really did a good job of introducing aspects of mana channels and cultivation into western style fantasy. Divine Dungeon scratched that itch, but only barely. The world building was great, and the whole city development aspect was great too …but I wanted the story to go deeper and I feel like DK ended that story arc prematurely. Arcanist is enjoyable, but it\’s really snarky n that takes a bit away from the \”seriousity\” of the MC\’s development. I still like the series, but again I feel like it was missing something. Artorion is dope, and I will continue with the series, but again I think the snarkiness is a little thick and it detracts from the story for me. Also, at times Artorion feels aimless and pointless …and that\’s not my favorite style of story-telling. I enjoy trying to figure out how the MC will overcome the challenges set before him/her, and guessing at what curve balls the author might throw. Artorion doesn\’t allow for anything of that, he\’s just kind of floating around all the time. Murderhobo is finally picking up where I felt that Divine Dungeon left off. There are funny moments in it, but it doesn\’t try to make everything into a joke. The magic system is really diverse and well executed. I\’m enjoying the development of all the MC\’s. They have real problems with real consequences. There\’s great world building happening, in a way that keeps me curious and excited. The story is keeping me engaged and I\’m loving it. I hope this ends up being more than 3 books, and regardless I hope DK sticks with this style of story-telling for his next series in the Cal-multiverse as well. This one is a winner. Highly recommend!!!


Review #4

Audio Something (Full Murderhobo #1) narrated by Christian J. Gilliland

Seriously? 4.8 star average? When I see a book with ratings that high, I\’m expecting something extraordinary. What Dakota Krout is serving up here feels more like a first draft of a poorly conceived novel, This is not even up the the poorest quality standards that I\’d be looking for in a book store. Maybe I\’m being a little hard… but I\’m making up for the solid 4.8 review… where did that come from? That is like saying this is up there with the greatest fantasy novels of all time. The characters here are paper thin. The story keeps shifting from one character to another… there are four of them… i think. It was hard to tell. Maybe part of the problem was the over the top narration going on. Gilliland has a good cartoon exaggerated manner… but the same voice was applied to each character and it honestly got annoying after a while. The plot… while kind of interesting, was just a rehash of 200 other lit rpg books. While not perfect Aleron Kongs books are better in this this genre. Seriously, this book is not worth a credit. I\’ve got around 700 audible titles in my library & I\’d rank this very nearly at the bottom.


Review #5

Free audio Something (Full Murderhobo #1) – in the audio player below

it was an interesting listen but to be honest i couldn\’t care less for the \”friends\” so when their povs came up i just found them boring luke pov was the better one


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