Nov 12, 2022

Wicked Bond (The Wicked Horse #5)

Wicked Bond (The Wicked Horse #5)

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Wicked Bond audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Wicked Bond audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Wicked Bond audiobook free

Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett
Book #5: The Wicked Horse Series
Source: Purchase
My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Review:

Since the beginning of this series, Bridger Payne has been a staple. Hes always been the strong, silent type whose sex life is generally on full display inside The Silo, the sex club he is now the sole owner of. Hes down for anything, steady and strong, and loyal to a fault to his small circle of friends. That same small circle of friends know Bridger will be there for them, but none of them expect him to open up, chat them up, or show much in the way of emotion. Thats just not in Bridgers wheelhouse.

When Maggie shows up on Bridgers front porch, she is unconscious, beat all to hell and back, and, apparently in a crap load of trouble. All Bridger is told by the man who drops her in his arms is that he needs to have her checked out, medically speaking and he needs to keep her hidden. The local, and very, very dangerous motorcycle gang has a claim on Maggie and Bridger will be damned before he lets them get their hands on her again. Or her daughter. Wait? What? Theres a daughter he has to protect as well? Where the hell is she?

Once the drug-induced and much-needed sleep finally wears off, Maggie finds herself in the care of the most stunningly beautiful man she has ever seen. Bridger is rough and sexy, he is a man of few words, and actions that speak to the point of yelling. He knows who Maggie is hiding from and is willing to sacrifice his own personal safety to see to her protection. What Maggie doesnt know, but strongly suspects, is that Bridger is attracted to her and likes her, but isnt quite sure what to do with all those feelings. Maggies situation is bound to get worse before it gets better and though she is certainly attracted to Bridger, she isnt sure a physical relationship would be good for either of them.

Turns out, some things are just too hard to resist and Bridger is one of those things. The physical aspect of Maggie and Bridgers relationship is simply spectacular, but Maggie knows there is a darkness to Bridger that is related to his sexual history. Getting into that darkness is, at best, uncomfortable, and, at worst, a deal breaker. Maggie is willing to make the effort and help Bridger in any way she can, but Bridger has been hardened by his past and when the feelings become all too real, he has no choice but to run leaving Maggie and her daughter in his wake.

The Bottom Line: Bridger is the character we have all been waiting for and I am so pleased to see he got the book he deserves. There are couple of things about this read I particularly enjoyed: 1) the mess Maggie is in doesnt drag on for the length of the book and, 2) the surprising place and person Bridger runs to when he has no choice but to get away. I like that I can still be surprised by plot twists and I like it even more when a series gets deep yet remains fresh and exciting. Maggie and her daughter are not who you see Bridger ending up with, but they sure are perfect for him. This is a sort of it takes a village read with many of the characters (primarily the women) from the past installments of The Wicked Horse series coming together to help Maggie and Bridger find their HEA. If this is where the series is meant to end, Bridger and Maggies story is a fitting end.


Review #2

Wicked Bond audiobook streamming online

“Damn. . .just damn.” This book was all I thought it would be and much more. Bridger is such an amazingly complex character and now we know why. His story is heartbreaking and horrific and yet somehow Maggie is literally dropped into his life and she is broken and in need of so much none of the least of which is his protection. Maggie is as strong as Bridger is and has also had a hard life but in a different way. They are both survivors but Maggie doesn’t let her past interfere with the future, a future she wants to share with Bridger. Their story is powerful as is their chemistry. Maggie brings light to Bridger’s dark world and he in turn gives Maggie his protection and well if you have read the other stories you know that the sex is amazing. The writing is great and yes the sex is explicit but it needs to be for the story that needs to be told. It’s not pretty at least not the part that concerns Bridger’s past or Maggie’s torture and the hands of Zeke and his woman, Kayla. To me this story is about forgiveness and finding out that no matter how bad things were in Bridger’s life he needed to forgive himself and learn that he does indeed deserve everything that Maggie gives him because she sees the good in him and knows what he himself won’t let him believe, that he is indeed capable of intimacy and in the end love. Love is about forgiveness and second chances and yes even happily ever afters. It’s sad to know this was the last in the series because I have enjoyed it so much. I loved them all but this story was the best. Ms. Bennett has done it again and I am very glad that I discovered her books because she writes an amazing story.


Review #3

Audiobook Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett

I have mix feelings about this book. For one, I think the author should have a warning of possible triggers for some readings. Possible spoilers…I almost stopped reading. I don’t care for m/m sex or the fact that Bridger would have sex with the Doctor that took care of Maggie when she was first brought to his house, because that’s the payment the doctor wanted. I’m not a prude, it’s just not my thing. I understand Bridger had a horrific childhood filled with physical, emotional and sexual abuse by his stepmother but I just couldn’t get over how he acted and treated woman and even Maggie in the beginning, it just didn’t feel right to me. I would have like to see Bridger and Maggie as well as Belle in more of a family setting. The relateship throughout the book between Maggie and Bridger is 85% sex. I would have liked to see more growth in Bridger. So, for me this book is just ok.


Review #4

Audio Wicked Bond narrated by Kirsten Leigh Lee Samuels

Ugh. This was a tough book to get through. It has nothing to do with the sexual content, per se. It has to do with the characters not being presented well.

Bridger’s story is explained, and I get his trauma. I understand his motivation. Maggie’s story is not explained other than what has happened to her recently. She comes across as a whiny, needy woman – and I couldn’t reconcile that with her recent history. She’s been abused! She’s been severely traumatized! How am I expected to believe that in three or four days time she’s ready for butt plugs, let alone being touched.

For being so protective and private, Bridger sure tells a lot of people what is going on with Maggie and the danger she is in.

This was a huge miss for me. I couldn’t feel the love. I couldn’t feel the connection other than unhealthy latching.


Review #5

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Wow another brilliant book by Sawyer.
I couldn’t put this book down.
Gee what poor Bridger went through in his young life plus what Maggie suffered at the hands of Zeke and Kayla.
I have so loved this series and was so glad Bridger got his HEA he so deserved.
Sorry to see the end of this series.


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