Nov 28, 2021

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War has started in different parts of the galaxy and no one can run away from it. People are left with only two choices i.e they can support the invaders in their fight or they can fight against them and get perished in the process. Planet of Caliban has serious issues which it has been dealing with since the beginning of time. The planet is protected by a knightly order that has taken an oath to protect every member of the planet.


In doing so these knights fight against the huge beasts who live under the surface of the planet. Whenever these beasts get the chance they come to the surface and invade the territory. The beasts also have thick forests to hide in and wait for their prey to come to them.

Zahariel and Nemiel are the new addition to the knightly order and these two youngsters think of it as quite an honor for them. No doubt they got the honor but these two youngsters were not aware that they were soon going to face a deadly evil. Under the leadership of Lion, the fighters of Caliban also have to decide which side they will be joining at the time of the big war.


Mitchel Scanlon is new in the series but the author possessed the experience of Dark Angels (German edition) so there was no threat of any kind of mistake. The narrator of the story Gareth Armstrong was also new in the sense that he has not narrated any part of this series before. So adding voice in a series that is already ruling the hearts of the people is always difficult.

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