May 16, 2022

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Bought (Highest Bidder #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Bought (Highest Bidder #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Bought (Highest Bidder #1) audiobook free

DNF @ 38%: I wanted to get into this story as both authors come highly recommended, but I just couldn\’t. The writing was sophomorish and the believeability of the story was low. There was a lot of \’telling\’ the story, not showing and by 38%, I gave up. There were simple ommissions and plenty of trite. Like the owner of a privately held company who has stockholders to worry about (only publicly held companies have stockholders, that\’s why they are public… duh!). The Dom was classic trite. Didn\’t trust his family, was angry and had an ex-wife who just loved him for his money. And then there was the heroine… who is traumatized by a rape, but she has a fetish where the only way she can come is if she is held down and \’forced\’ to have sex. This is where I draw the line. Taking rape and turning it into a fetish-maker for a victim is just plan disgusting. So, I stopped reading. And glad I did. 1 star for the cover, another star for the BDSM club idea… wish it could have been done better.


Review #2

Bought (Highest Bidder #1) audiobook in series Highest Bidder

Both Lucian and Dahlia have issues. Dahlia was raped by her uncle and her father didnt protect her. She has serious issues from this. She doesnt tell anyone what she has gone through. Carla her friend tells her about Club X and the auction. Carla thinks Dahlia is perfect for this. Dahlia has filled out all the paperwork and she is nervous. Lucian has it all. He has deep issues with all he went through with his parents and his ex-wife. He doesnt trust easily. He receives a personal invitation from Madan Lynn from Club X. He has not been to the club in a year. The auction is coming up. Lucian decides to attend. He has his eyes set on a particular woman. Dahlia goes up for bid. The bidding starts and she is bought for 1.6 million. She cant believe this. The money will help all her problems. After the auction Dahlia and Lucian meet Madam Lynn in her office to sign the paperwork for thirty days. Lucian wants her and cant wait to have her. He will love to train her. He feels like she is hiding something. He has his friend doing some digging. Lucian has found out her secret. Will this change there relationship.They seem to heal each other. Amazing story


Review #3

Audiobook Bought (Highest Bidder #1) by Lauren Landish Willow Winters

The collaboration of writing by Authors Lauren Landish & Willow Winters, created a light D/s contemporary romance packed with angst. Overall, the basis of the story is good, but execution has faults. The lack of communication between Lucien & Dahlia is tremendous! A D/s relationship with her secret should\’ve been discussed from the start. The authors took liberties with Trust, consent & safety that a real D/s relationship requires or any real relationship for that matter. It bothered me enough that I had to mention. For the most part, the story reads seamlessly, but the middle is drawn out and lack of communication between main characters is sorely lacking. The background given to Lucien as an experienced Dom in D/s relationships and training new subs in the lifestyle isn\’t successful. His friends are in the lifestyle & he personally knows the Madam of Club X, but he doesn\’t seek out their advice when he falters. If readers are supposed to read between the lines, the storyline failed. Also the NDF is a big deal, but apparently lifestyle is talked about in a public cafeteria, an office & with a therapist. The ex-wife angle is never resolved either. Too many loose ends, a middle that drags on and more angst than a book needs. I give three stars.


Review #4

Audio Bought (Highest Bidder #1) narrated by Brooke Hayden Douglas Berger

The authors deal with a few serious issues, and I was impressed with the way they handle them in the story, with the overall view of these matters, as well as with how well-written the book is. If you are into BDSM stories, you will love this one! It is not hard-core, but it plays a big part in the development of the plot. Lucian, a dominant alpha male, who even though is burned by his ex-wife is still a considerate partner, is enticed by the vulnerability he sees in Dahlia, whom he vows to help overcome her fears. Dahlia is messed up, having gone through a really bad experience when she was younger and is trying to go through life and make something of herself. In this book, we witness her journey to freedom, to the realization that she is a deserving person, not a damaged one. The plot has a few twists and turns, and the pace is fast; The sex scenes are sizzling hot, the characters are very well developed, and their chemistry is off the charts! The book is a page turner. Even though it is a part of the Highest Bidder series, it is a stand alone with a happy ever after. I cannot wait to read the other two books, and also find out more about Lucian and Dahlia, as the authors have promised us. A read I definitely recommend!


Review #5

Free audio Bought (Highest Bidder #1) – in the audio player below

Beware that this book ends at the 37% point. That was not made clear in the description. It was a good read but not the 296 page book I thought I was going to be reading.


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