Dec 7, 2021

Just an ordinary boy once is now the famous boy who inherits a Ghost Train full of ghosts of course. Tom was a boy who had nothing special in his life moreover he was not expecting something special for them in life. He liked his daily routine with his friends and the surroundings in which he used to live. Then at the age of fourteen, he got the steering of the Ghost Train which has a ghost girl, a vampire, and other ghosts in it. No other human soul can see the train so its existence is not known to anyone other than Tom.

Poltergeist has returned in this episode and the town is in great danger. For other people, it is only a matter of earthquakes which they have to deal with but the passenger of the Ghost Train knows that it is something deadly. The ghost girl is terrified as she was the witness of a previous attack by Poltergeist and she does not want to see that horror once again.

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Vlad being a vampire has seen the whole situation multiple times and although he survived on all occasions there were several which didn’t. Tommy Krappweis’ book gets the help of James Fouhey, Marc Vietor, Dina Pearlman, Cate Hite, and Richard Ferrone in narration.

Together all of them work for the portraying of this excellent second installment of a series that is slowly rising in rank after every new episode. The first book was liked by the children and this second book attracts more audience and this time adults are also on the list which is a boasting thing for the author and the narrators. Member Benefit

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