Dec 6, 2021

Being the Ruby for the time-traveling group known as the Circle was an honor for Gwen but some things are teasing her a lot. She has traveled through time and searched many places in history to find her destiny but this is one thing in which she has failed.

No one is guiding her in this respect, not even the ghost and demon which follow her all the way. One thing which she has been doing from the start is the collection of a lot of data and the time has come to arrange everything in order. It was Count Saint-German who founded the Circle and only he knows the purpose of every member. For Gwen, the Count is not a man who can be trusted.

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For the rest of the time travelers, this idea of Gwen is absurd as they cannot stand against the thinking of their creator. When Gwen sees the whole time traveling in slow motion she is also shocked to finds that Gideon was toying with her in Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue. Gideon was trapping her and was also using her powers for one common goal of the Circle.

Kerstin Gier comes to the final loaded with ideas in the mind. None of the fans were expecting conspiracies in the series but in the end, we observe this thing narrated by Marisa Calin. The story is not very long but the words that are used by the author are effective and they just make the surroundings colorful.  Development in Gwen’s character was kept in mind throughout the series and the last part is handled well by her. Member Benefit

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