Dec 6, 2021

Of course, a person can get surprised when all of a sudden he gets to know about his powers, and that too related to time travel. That is the thing that happened with Gwen when she was shifted to the eighteenth century one day. All her life she was told that it was her cousin who was the chosen one but now she realizes that it was all a lie. It is Gwen who is the Ruby i.e the member of the time-traveling crew.

There are twelve like her in the entire world and they don’t exist in the same time zone. So Gwen to find them jumps from one place to the other and whenever she meets one she asks for the blood which is a little disgusting at times. The single girl whom Kerstin Gier introduced in the first part i.e Ruby Red has here forged a team. Lesley is the first one who comes under the discussion and she knows all about the internet.

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Lesley through the history lessons present on the internet guides Gwen appropriately. Then there is a ghost and demon too who are following her wherever she goes. One of them saw her kissing Gideon thus he knows all about her emotions about the boy. Marisa Calin narrates Gideon in two different ways. At one time the boy is really happy to see Gwen and the next moment he gives a cold shoulder to her. Emerald Green will decide their love story and tell us the fate of Gwen which is not looking good apparently. She is trying to prove her worth as the last member of the group but there are certain things which she should learn at first. Member Benefit

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