Dec 7, 2021

Pegasus and the Flame: Pegasus, Book 1

Pegasus and the Flame is an audiobook for children. This novel is also the first chapter of a brand new series with the name of Pegasus. It is written by Kate O’Hearn. She is a Canadian author of children’s fantasies. The subject series, Pegasus is her best-known work so far. However, there is a couple of other series such as Valkyrie and Titans that did quite well for the author. If we talk at the level of the novel, then her best ones are Pegasus and the New Olympians and Pegasus and the End of Olympus.

Jane Perry has done the narration of Pegasus and the Flame. Just like Kate, she is also Canadian and an actress with excellent vocal skills. Her performance is quite good for a novel of this kind.

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When Pegasus, the royal winged stallion, bangs right over her roof then the life of the 13 years old girl becomes just that of a legend. It all happened right in the middle of a storm that led New York City into a complete blackout. This transition led to some epic battles with many of the gruesome monsters and the desperate chases coming from an immoral governmental agency. The heroic quest was all that was needed to protect Olympus before it burns out.

If you are someone into mythology tales then this book is the right one for you. The author brilliantly serves a splendid mix of classic fantasy and some amazing modern adventure. Kids will just love it, especially for its gripping story and mythical characters. The novel is quite similar to the Percy Jackson series, in case you have read that and liked it as well. Member Benefit

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