Dec 7, 2021

Rivals 2! More Frenemies Who Changed the World

Rivals 2! More Frenemies Who Changed the World

Rivals 2! More Frenemies Who Changed the World By: Scott McCormick

The first book was an instant success; the way Scott McCormick presented history among different rivals in the world was appealing. Different rivals and their rivalries took the world to a different level in progress. The enmity was beneficial for the people of that era who got the best of products through it. A long list of narrators including Bill Andrew Quin, Flynn Earl Jones, Marc Vietor, Elizabeth Evans, and Ramon DeOcampo narrate another episode with a variety of characters involved.

Most of the people in the world of today think that Edison invented electricity although it is a true but very small group of people know about the real thing. It was a rivalry between Edison and Tesla which made the man work hard to prove that thing like electricity exists and it can be put to use.

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Then the craze of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali took the public to the limit that they completely forgot about the man who was setting foot on the moon. The fight between these two boxers was the most-watched thing at that time and people were not interested in anything else. Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World started the game of these historical items being retold and this second book enhances its horizon.

Whatever the author discusses is always brief and interesting so you are not going anywhere for hours after getting a taste of this wonderful book. More is expected from the author but it looks like it will take some time because the author before writing something observes these history items very keenly. The book never supports one side in the rivalry rather it gives time to both on an equal level. Member Benefit

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