Dec 6, 2021

The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values

A lot has been written on human values before this book although many books are considered to outclass nothing is compared to this one. Brain Christian has a habit of explaining complex things in a simple way for the listeners. According to the author, more and more people are depending on machines these days which is not a good thing at all because there is a threat that one day the machines will finally take over.

Machines were made to ease human work and then they were given the responsibility to make decisions on our behalf which is wrong. The machines now analyze us physically after which they tell us that whether we are ill or not. Thus in this way we get a certification from a machine about our life span and health condition moreover we completely believe in it without any doubt.

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There could be a chance that machine wants us to think that way because its artificial intelligence has become more powerful than our imagination. Then slowly one day it will start controlling our moods and the reverse will happen in the world which means that the masters will become the slaves.

The author has a habit of exaggerating things, he exaggerated during Algorithms to Live By and The Most Human Human before this one. Here he takes the idea too far because computers and artificial intelligence have not gone to this level till now. But according to Brian only he can see the future which needs some readjustments otherwise things will change very drastically for the humans in the days to come.

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