Dec 6, 2021

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The Family Tree audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Family Tree audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Family Tree audiobook free

Family Tree is a second chance romance between Annie, a foodie/tv producer, and Fletcher, a lawyer/judge. This book really is magical in the moments when Annie is in her element with food and film production. But I was not a fan of the flashback parts when the two main characters first met in high school. A lot of the plot felt drawn out throughout the middle and then it seemed rushed at the end.

Essentially, this is a cozy read with lots of family and small town elements which I loved. So if you are a fan of second chance romance with lots of flashbacks to the past and a slow burn middle section, then you might just love this one.

(FYI: This book includes cheating, traumatic brain injury, leg amputation, death of a grandparent, and a miscarriage.)


Review #2

The Family Tree audiobook streamming online

Annie and Fletcher keep missing the opportunity to move forward in life together. College competes with a family tragedy. Career butts up against a rebound romance. Will the third time be the charm when they reconnect after Annie awakens from a year-long coma, or will her quest to fulfill her dreams again dash their hopes of committing to each other. With a maple sugar farm as the backdrop, Annie and Fletcher work their way through highs and lows that seemingly conspire against them over the years. The lessons of love, food and family learned at the hands of her beloved Gran just may be the ingredients Annie needs to see it through as she awakens and embarks on a journey to find her self.


Review #3

Audiobook The Family Tree by Susan Wiggs

I hate stories which leap frog back and forth between the Now and Then. This story, had more Then than Now. Was a light read. Not enough depth to the heroine’s recovery. Everything was just skimmed over and then suddenly, we are all happy.


Review #4

Audio The Family Tree narrated by Christina Traister

I kept finding myself losing myself in this story as it progressed. My heart broke for Annie when she got up from her coma and realized she had lost a year of her life. As her memory returns she gradually learns what is important to her – what she needs to have a satisfying life.


Review #5

Free audio The Family Tree – in the audio player below

Susan Wiggs is a master at creating believable second-chance-at-life-and-love stories that uplift & entertain!

A perfect theme for this bookcue Bing Crosby at the piano to sing The Second Time Around . . .
Love is lovelier the second time around,
Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground.

It’s that second time you hear your love song sung
Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, is wasted on the young.
Love’s more comfortable the second time you fall.
Like a friendly home the second time you call.

Who can say what brought us to this miracle we’ve found?
There are those who’ll bet love comes but once, and yet
I’m oh, so glad we met the second time around!


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