Dec 7, 2021

Trump: The Art of the Deal

Trump: The Art of the Deal

Rise of a true dealmaker is told none other than the legend himself i.e Donald Trump. Over the years the man has been among one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Here is his voice with some assistance from Kaleo Griffith, the man narrates how he became successful in life. Trump wrote this book after being elected as the president of the US. He published these thoughts for people who have remained low achievers in their life. Our thoughts make us stay behind and stop us from progressing too much.

We get scared in our thoughts and then these fears like deadly monsters stand in our way of progress. According to Trump if you are wasting your time in thinking and planning then you should at least waste your time thinking big rather than putting the fuss of worries in your mind. Also as the book progresses the author tells us how he used to plan his whole day during which he gave proper time to his family and business. Extra people who were just time-wasters were kicked out of life along with all the negativities.

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Never in his life, Trump thought about failures and this has made him a successful man today. Trump Never Give Up and Why We Want You to Be Rich are more loaded with such stuff so if these ideas help you in your life you should listen to these other books as well. If you are moving with Trump’s ideas then get ready to soar in the air like an eagle for which all the worries are like little pebbles seen from above. Member Benefit

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