Dec 7, 2021

One common thing which can be found in a very rich and successful man is self-belief. A man can never become visionary if he does not believe in his thoughts and ideas. Trump gives us his example and says that his bold decision making made him successful. The bigger the challenges became the stronger he emerged out of them as a successful person who stands as a yardstick for the others. Trump does not narrate this book although he narrated Trump: The Art of the Deal very well. Steve Blane has narrated this book and his motivating style to tell the people about the golden rules of Trump’s success which they can apply to their lives.

All his life Trump has tried to reduce the number of enemies in business and politics. Most of his enemies turned into his friends in the later stage of his life. If there ever aroused a problem in his life he thought of it as an opportunity to rise higher than the others. Trump was never the kind who would cry on his failure rather minor setbacks were ignored most of the time. This is almost the same philosophy that he preaches in Why We Want You to Be Rich.

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In that book too Trump tells us about things that are misunderstood in life most of the time. So in a nutshell think big and boldly only then success is yours for the taking otherwise you would be like the backbencher of the class who gathers nothing but shame. Success waits for those who come towards it with a smiling face and those with tears and fears in their eyes cannot see success standing in front of them. Member Benefit

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