May 23, 2022

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The Worry Trick Audiobook

The Worry Trick is a nonfictional book about psychology and mental health. The book beautifully explains that how the human brain could trick one with the worst expectations and what could be done about it. The book is written by David Carbonell Ph.D. He is a proficient Clinical Psychologist and his specialization is in the treatment of anxiety, which is quite a common issue in adults all over the world. He has written four self-help books and another goof one from his archive is Outsmart Your Obnoxious Brain.

The Worry Trick

Stephen Paul Aulridge Jr. is the narrator of The Worry Trick audiobook.  The performance had some margin for improvement. Still, it doesn’t stand as a big issue and you will get the content shared in a reasonably acceptable manner.

Anxiety is believed to be a very powerful kind of force. It is something that makes us question not just ourselves but also the decisions that we make. It may cause us to be concerned and worried about our future. It is something that fills our life with emotional and dreadful turbulence. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this chapter is designed for the sake of helping you all to break that worry cycle.

Worry is something that convinces us that there is some danger around us. It then tricks us all by putting us in a flight or fight mode, which could also be the freeze mode at times. This happens even when there is no real threat or danger around.

Free Audiobook The Worry Trick

This is an amazing audiobook that covers a very practical and a grounded kind of perspective. The author has shared the different root causes of anxiety and some useful techniques to counter it as well.

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