Jun 5, 2022

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Legion (Talon #4) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Legion (Talon #4) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Legion (Talon #4) audiobook free

Legion sweeps the readers into a whirlwind of emotions and intense events. It picks up right where Soldier left off, and we get to see where our characters are when the previous book ended. Garret\’s life hangs in the balance, and we see how his precarious position plays out. Ember\’s heart is in shamble due to Garret\’s difficult situation, and we see how Riley assesses it all. We also get to see Ember\’s twin brother, Dante, who is set to take Talon by storm and escalate up the chain of command within the dragon organization. Each book thus far has been told from a character\’s point of view. Talon was told from Ember\’s pov, Rogue from Riley\’s pov, Soldier from Garret\’s pov, and Legion has all of their pov\’s, in addition to Dante\’s. The chapters that intrigued me were Dante\’s. His voice is powerful due to his apparent misguided ways. As intelligent as he has shown himself to be, his lack of knowledge of the truth behind Talon\’s ulterior motives, coupled with his chilling focus to rise up in the ranks of Talon, brings forth a series of disastrous events. In simple terms, Dante is brainwashed. We get to see Ember make contact with her twin and does her best to bring him to the light, if you will. However, her actions and the actions of those that she holds dear, seem to solidify Dante\’s loyalty to Talon even more by the books end. In Legion the action gets cranked up several notches. Kagawa grants us with several amazing fight scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. However, nothing beats the last action packed scene where we finally get to see the Order of St. George with the help of Ember and Riley\’s underground Rogue dragons go against Talon\’s secret army. It was a bloody mess full of carnage and tumultuous moments. The real star of it all in my eyes is Jade, the Shen-lung, the Asian adult dragon that we were introduced to in the previous book Soldier. The romance also takes an interesting turn in this book. The only thing I will say is that Ember finally makes a choice of who she truly wants, between Garret the ex-St. George soldier and Riley the rogue ex-Basilisk dragon of Talon. You will be in for a very intense scene. It will be interesting going forward how this love dynamic will show itself in the concluding book. Despite Ember finally choosing who she wants to be with, I\’m sure the person she turned down will have more to say about that decision going forward. Legion has quite a few reveals that tie up some loose ends. We get to see Talon\’s reasoning behind why Ember and Dante are so important for their world-domination plans, particularly Ember\’s role. It is both cunning and a bit frightening. The implications are crucial to the future of the world our characters live in. It leaves Ember at her most vulnerable, and we can\’t help but wonder the ramifications if Talon were to actually succeed. Legion is a darkly fast ride that readers will rally behind to embark on. Kagawa, a seasoned author, lets her gift of telling an interesting story fully blossom. She pulls on the right heart-strings and has us doing spectacular pirouettes through her action packed scenes. By the end, we are satisfyingly exhausted for what has transpired. She gives us just enough that allows us a glimpse of what the concluding book will entail when it releases. Be sure to pick up books Talon, Rogue, and Soldier before sinking your teeth into this book.


Review #2

Legion (Talon #4) audiobook in series The Talon Saga

The deeper I get into this series the more I am on the fence. I mean, I really enjoyed the adventure, drama and the romance, as well as the whole secret societies and dragon lore. But at the same time the way it was written was difficult swallow, or rather some of it was just hard to believe. The books in this series tend to take a more slow moving start I have noticed and this was no exception. It was nice, albeit very predictable, seeing Garret make a full recovery and intriguing what the dragon blood would do to him. Sadly however the story didnt expand more on that, just left it as it was with him being a normal soldier for the rest of the books with just a hint of something going on at one or two scenes. The story was much too focused on the whole Talon-St George-rouge conflict and the Vessels. Ive got to say tough that the conflict has not been as suspenseful or dramatic in any book before as in this one. The reunion of Ember and Dante was exciting yet tense and heartbreaking, the revelation of who Ember was and the plan Talon was hatching kept me plenty invested. Then add in the romance of supposedly sworn enemies and I was ready to rate it five stars … if only I hadnt had such a problem with the inconsistencies and writing. The writing isnt bad or anything. It is actually quite good. However I did find it rather repetitive with character saying and thinking the same thing or along the same lines repetitively or the constant nicknames (Fireband, Dragon girl and Soldier boy) that felt forced and a little ridiculous. This issue however wasnt super in your face so, while a little annoying, it was easy to look past to the better things the book offered. Sadly though, the inconsistencies I found harder to ignore. Like fore example the evil villain monologue about what was to become of Ember which was pretty pointless considering there was no reason to tell her other than for the author to inform us readers. That however just makes the villain way too stereotypical and cartoonish for my taste. There are more natural and clever ways to make us readers know than have said villain explain it to us. Another issue following from previous books was how sheer dumb luck kept playing a major part in them surviving or escaping impossible situations over and over. Then add the way the characters way too easily got passed grudges to work together with their life long enemies or threw themselves without doubt to a fight they knew they were unlikely to survive. Then also staying in that war zone Talon knew of after the fight was won instead going into hiding. It was just a hard pill to swallow and felt forced just to move the story to a desired ending. The issues I had with the story was apparent enough that I have difficulty rating this book. I think three stars is the fairest rating I can give it. Hopefully the next and final book will give more insight on Garrets new blood and of course work towards an amazing conclusion for the intense conflict and the romance.


Review #3

Audiobook Legion (Talon #4) by Julie Kagawa

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for the opportunity to read and review the fourth book in the Talon Saga, Legion by Julie Kagawa! This is a perfect addition to the already popular Talon, Rogue and Soldier books with just as much action, intrigue, romance and suspense! Each of the books in the Talon Saga are told from a different character\’s point of view. Talon is told in Ember\’s point of view, Rogue is in Riley\’s and Soldier is told in Garret\’s point of view. Legion brings back all of the main characters and their points of view, including Dante\’s. Dante is Ember\’s brother and has been loyal to the dragon rule all along because he believes he will be the dragon in power someday. At first, he wanted to help his sister succeed and only cared about pleasing their instructors and taking care of her. Then he had an epiphany about the position of power he could be in someday. This changed his entire perspective. The strong, dynamic characters are worth cheering for while the tension builds in this addition to the Talon saga. I didn\’t see the specific conflict coming and was shocked and appalled at the Elder Wyrm\’s use for Ember Hill! This book is as amazing as the rest of the series and is suspenseful and intriguing with new mysteries springing up and adding to the un-put-down-ability of the story. 5 stars for characters I love and the building anticipation! I am already anxious for the fifth book in this series and I plan on a complete re-read when the entire series is complete!


Review #4

Audio Legion (Talon #4) narrated by Caitlin Davies Chris Patton MacLeod Andrews Tristan Morris

I started out liking this, to be honest I\’m getting bored now. I read for the end game and it to be wrapped up. Feel like it\’s being extednded to make you buy more books. Which is a shame as the iron fey series was way way better to read than this one


Review #5

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