Jun 2, 2022

Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model

Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model

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Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model audiobook free

I have a friend who is a runway model and another who is a principal ballet dancer, so I was aware of the intense body image pressures involved in these industries. But I\’ve always been interested in fashion, so I thought this might be a good choice. Did I ever make a mistake! Even at a dollar an hour, this book is overpriced twaddle. Again and again she repeats compliments given to her about how beautiful she is. I would say this is 25% of the book. Yes, we know you are beautiful. That is why you have a modeling contract, my dear. It became LOL hilarious after a time. She is unable to describe anything except in terms of three words. Those who worship her are \”adorable,\” those who are competitive or who do not do what she wishes are \”b——,\” and good experiences are \”sublime.\” The tone is shallow and narcissistic throughout. When I was young, a friend of mine died from bulimia. I found Dauxerre\’s superficial glossing over about \”recovery\” to be utterly senseless, reflecting her shallow mind. Compare this to the moving depth of a book such as that of \”Unbearable Lightness,\” and it quickly becomes obvious how ridiculous this book is. If you\’re looking for a book written in the style of a narcissistic teenager who expects the world to adore her or else she goes crying back to her mum, look no further. Sadly, the book reflects so much of what is wrong with inflated expectations of young people who expect instant stardom and special treatment without effort. This is the story of a model who could not handle the pressures in a healthy way, threw away her chances for a brilliant career, and finally blames an industry for it all. How precious and entitled, Mlle. Dauxerre.


Review #2

Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model audiobook streamming online

I could not stop listening. Great narration and a riveting account of meteoric rise in the fashion industry. I am not a \”fashionista\” but I still loved it.


Review #3

Audiobook Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model by Victoire Dauxerre

I lost count of how many times she used the word \”sublime\” but it was EXCESSIVE and annoying. Other than that, I liked the book and it provided an interesting glimpse into a world not written about often and its dark side.


Review #4

Audio Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model narrated by Emily Lucienne

I think I\’m the most surprised to realize the life of a model is pretty boring, as well as dehumanizing, mind numbing and overall poorly paid. That said, Victoire told the story of all the waiting, inhumane treatment and lack of eating in a fairly interesting way. Based on the title and the profession, the inside stories of the need to be thin, the disordered eating and the sleazy managers were unsurprising. I thought her strongest storyline within the memoir was the rift her year as a model created within her family, and how her parents\’ complete lack of understanding about the details of her experience led them to give her disastrous parental advice over and over (Stick to it! Don\’t quit! You signed a contract, that\’s pretty serious, you should abide by it! Etc.). Once they understood what she was up against, it was very nearly too late for real intervention. Emily Lucienne did a good job with the narration and made the author sound likeable and relatable. Overall decent book.


Review #5

Free audio Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model – in the audio player below

OK, I admit I enjoy reading about the problems of others, especially beautiful others. It reminds me there are disadvantages to everything, problems everywhere and not to judge a book by its cover. As lucky as she is, with her beauty and her rapid rise in the modeling profession, it\’s not worth it. Her original direction, as an ordinary student and scholar, is inherently more rewarding. I hope she\’s doing something fun now because that modeling life sounds truly awful.


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