Jun 2, 2022

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Where We Go From Here audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Where We Go From Here audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Where We Go From Here audiobook free

Being from Vermont, I was familiar with Sen. Sanders when he was elected Mayor as an Independent in Burlington, Vermont, in 1981. He was a self described democratic socialist which raised quite a few eyebrows in Vermont. I do remember that he improved the waterfront area and was elected for 3 terms. After that, he was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1990. And, has been a member of the US Senate since 2007. Senator Sanders is pro-labor, for universal health care, for paid parental leave, raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and also for tuition free education.. If he decides to run for President in 2020, it would not surprise me one bit. Senator Sanders has written an excellent book on his past political life, his current agenda and his hopes for the future. One quote that I truly appreciated is \’Despair is not an option\’. I was also impressed with the numbers of the chapters in the grassroots activism…Up to 600 now and growing. A movement which I believe will keep on increasing as time goes along. Some of the topics Senator Sanders covers are climate change, minimum wage, health insurance, DACA (Deferral Action for Childhood Arrivals), speeches he gave including the one at the Democratic Convention as well as his ideas on foreign policy. There is a lot more covered and those topics mentioned previously are only a few. One other item that caught my attention was his criticism of corporate media.. To paraphrase Senator Sanders ….relatively little attention is paid to the most important issues facing working people…..politics and government are treated as if they were entertainment…..Very true in my estimate. Personally I don\’t understand how Medicare for all would work unless the US completely reforms the current system. I read an article recently written in July of 2016 by The Heritage Foundation concerning Medicare. A portion of that was written by the NY Times and they stated that \’waste, fraud and abuse cost $60 billion dollars a year which is 10% of the Medicare costs.. In addition, another 43 billion + was for improper payments.\’ All in all, a most informative and inclusive book written by Senator Sanders. Most highly recommended.


Review #2

Where We Go From Here audiobook streamming online

The Chapters were a bit a short, hovering in the 4-5 page range a piece. I bought the book and the book goes back to 2016 (No one wants to talk about Clinton) and no pictures are included which would have been helpful and a nice touch. It should have been a bit longer and more up to date. I support him in his run in 2020


Review #3

Audiobook Where We Go From Here by Lucas Rocha

Books such as Bernie Sanders “Where We Go from Here” (WW) present a real challenge to the reader reviewer. After all, these reviews are meant to be BOOK reviews, and are intended to reflect one’s opinion of the book – prose, structure, depth, readability, etc. Reader reviews are not meant to be vehicles for promoting the author’s political views, nor an opportunity to promote (or disparage) a book based on the reader’s political loyalties. It is understandable that it is difficult for a reader to score his favorite candidate’s book anything less than five stars, and the converse is also true. In the interest of “full” disclosure, I must alert all that I fall into the converse group. Nevertheless, I will make strong attempts to focus on the author’s book, and not on the candidate’s book. It won’t be easy. WW is a slim book, 266 pages, 39 chapters. The first chapter is dated June 14, 2016 and is titled “Meeting with Hillary Clinton”. The last is August 25, 2018, “Where We Go from Here”. The book is presented as somewhat diary-like, and focuses on travels, meetings, and speeches. During each chapter Senator Sanders presents one or more elements of his progressive agenda. Many of these elements are repeated in subsequent chapters. There is an index, but it lists people names only, so you cannot look up “gun control” for example and find all the places in the book where gun control is mentioned. There are a number of pages that include filler material, e.g. lengthy verbatims from speeches, often preceded by “here is what I said” or words to that effect. Though I am not a Senator Sanders likely supporter, I am familiar to an extent with his agenda and I found these excerpts from stump speeches to be nothing new. There are also several clippings from newspapers, e.g. the local Wichita paper, perhaps favorably reporting on the turnout and some brief comments on what was said. Yet, in different sections in the book, the Senator took shots at “corporate” media, largely for not asking about subjects he wants to discuss, but rather focusing on their own agenda. I don’t feel that I learned much new from WW, with perhaps one exception. On page 25, the Senator states. “47 million men, women, and children live in poverty”. I was stunned at the magnitude; I didn’t believe it, so I fact checked. Incredibly it’s true. Actually, reality is a worse picture than WW presents and I am surprised he didn’t take it to the next level. There are almost 100 million Americans living below, at or near the poverty level. I’m not sure what “poverty level” means, it’s not in the book, but I earmarked some articles for further reading. One last note – there is a lot in WW about income disparity. The Senator seems to focus on the billionaires and even millionaires a good bit – but they are not the problem. Duh, it’s poverty – changing tax structure is only one possible solution. (I don’t recall reading a lot about job training here and other possible solutions) Readers may be wondering at this point why did I read WW if I was already familiar with Senator Sanders position on all these progressive issues. The simple answer is that I was hoping that WW would take things to the next level of detail; it didn’t. Progressives such as Senators Sanders and others have done a good job of identifying the wish list, perhaps fifteen to twenty things that need fixing; that is the easy part. Step two is detail definition. What do we mean exactly by “free college education”? And by the way who is going to pay for it. I understand that young people in the room are very excited about that, but older tax payers like myself understand there is no “free”. So, who pays? Me, the taxpayer? Don’t know, it is certainly not addressed in WW. And who is eligible? Everyone. Many voters, especially those without college-eligible kids, don’t realize that most scholarships are not totally free rides today – rather, they usually are a package of financing tools including loans and student employment, as well as meeting academic requirements. What skin the game will students with “Free” tuition have? Another brief, sketchy example – Medicare For All. Sounds great! Will it be the same Medicare as I have had for the past ten years? Probably not, since many projections suggest that we cannot even afford today’s Medicare for my lifetime. What will I have to give up? How will hospitals survive on (only) Medicare payments? Priorities is the third element of this implementation set, and WW does not include any prioritization at all. Which of the fifteen do we tackle first, then what’s next? Obviously we can’t do them all at once – not enough money, not enough manpower. So, what’s first, and who decides? What’s that old saying – the devil’s in the details? The details aren’t in WW. There is a bit here about the author’s day job, Senate work. The picture I got was of someone from a small state, not totally affiliated with a major party, who is not what I would describe as a leader in the Senate. I don’t see a lot of influence, nor skills to get things done, nor did I see a long list of significant accomplishments in WW. What is clear in the book is how much the Senator enjoys getting out of DC and doing rallies, a few handshakes, chats, and then on to the next rally/protest. Reminded me a bit of the 60s protests when the protests themselves morphed into the ends. I cannot recommend this book. It’s just too lite. Read a newspaper for a week and you’ll be all caught up on most of the issues and some of that reading will likely be more in-depth.


Review #4

Audio Where We Go From Here narrated by Anthony Lee Medina Christian Barillas Luis Selgas

Trump supporters will bring up Venesuala at the drop of a hat then will accuse the left of being programmed NPCs and those neoliberals that are part of the \”resistance\” hate Bernie and what he stands for. Look \”resisters \” you say you\’re high and mighty yet support the statis que that makes half of all americans live in or near povertity. You crow and appalud obama yet he tried to cut social security and just put his name on a healthcare plan that Mitt Romney made up. Your support of him and other neoliberals who are neoconsertives that don\’t hate gays as much, Obama didn\’t support gay rights until he evolved in 2013, caused a Donald Trump presidenicy. OPbama was different on the outside and a slightly more left Geporge Bush o the inside. Untilis his supporters realize this we can never more forward as a country.


Review #5

Free audio Where We Go From Here – in the audio player below

Amazing book, but I ordered it new and the cover page was torn and was covered in fingerprints and some strange sauce as if someone had just finished eating chicken wings then used it as a napkin! The condition of the book was absolutely despicable and I hate to be bringing the overall rating of this book down because the content of the book is amazing, the condition of the book however……


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