Oct 28, 2022

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Comfort Zone audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Comfort Zone audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Comfort Zone audiobook free

This was an entertaining read that I finished in one sitting. Becca is pretty funny and seems to get herself into weird and funny situations. Liam is funny, charming, sexy and he loves his mother and Grammy. Their chemistry and banter was great. I know people mentioned the student/teacher thing being taboo, but for me I think of it as an ethics situation and when it comes out that Becca slept with Liam her class is pissed off. Becca also freaks out because she is on scholarship. Liam talks to the president of the university, who also happens to be his father (which he also kept from Becca), and then everything is swept under the rug, which seems far fetched. That’s it? Dad will take care it? Another thing that bothered me was a character announcing she was British and then her vernacular didn’t match that at all. Was she born in the UK, but raised in the US? It was never explained. I loved the chemistry of Becca & Liam, but the actual sex was not as steamy as I would have thought. Becca’s relationship with her best friend, Jake, also seemed forgotten after a few chapters until a plot twist was needed. The minor characters are also entertaining and I loved Grammy. A big plus is you get an actual whole book instead of half of one. This one ends at 99%, so thank you Missy Johnson for giving a whole novel.On the downside there were also a ton of typos, punctuation errors, wrong use of pronouns and repeats of sentences. My copy also did not have the epilogue.


Review #2

Comfort Zone audiobook streamming online

The story was cute, but there were major issues. As an author, its imperative that you know the difference between your and youre as well as when to use apostrophes. Furthermore, there were consistency issues, especially with the setting. These problems ruined the book for me, and because of this I wont be buying another by this author.


Review #3

Audiobook Comfort Zone by Missy Johnson

This book is on the one hand so laugh-out-loud funny, it makes you giggle just remembering some of the scenes. (Hilarious one in the sex-toy store.) And at other times it is so sensitive in its handling of a Grammy with dementia, a best friend who wants to help but doesnt know how, and a guy who puts it all on the line for a girl.
Becca is plagued with a comedy of errors. If she has anything to do with something, all hell breaks loose. One most pronounced error is texting to a friend while her sexy professor is teaching class b/c WHAT she is texting is X-rated AND seen by him…OMG. Her professor, Liam also is ten years older than she is (shes 27yo, late bloomer) and come-to-find-out the cousin of her best friend Jake.
Sort of spoiler: there is a surprise situation at the end of this book that almost didnt surprise me but when it happened, Im thinkingWHAT? Hint: look for country singer Thomas Rhetts song, Marry Me. I know, confusing but youll see if you get this book. So worth it. I was offered an ARC to review but Ive bought all the Awkward series. So good!


Review #4

Audio Comfort Zone narrated by Chris Chambers Elizabeth Hart

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was outrageously funny and filled with sweet and heartfelt moments. Liam was in search of something real without being aware of his desperate need. Becca, a walking hazard, was just what he needed and longed for. Their journey to togetherness was a fun, exciting escapade that shouldn’t be missed.
I volunteered to review an arc of this book, but I had such a good time reading it, that I bought it.


Review #5

Free audio Comfort Zone – in the audio player below

I’ve loved this series so far! I just wish the whole series was on audible. I enjoy listening to the book while reading it. Other than some of the series not being in audio yet I don’t have one single complaint. These books are hilarious, sexy, can break your heart and then put it back together again. The characters are well developed and the story line doesn’t leave you hanging or scratching your head.


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