Oct 20, 2022

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Duke of Pleasure audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Duke of Pleasure audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Duke of Pleasure audiobook free

This was such a great, long anticipated book for ALF, who we met… I don\’t know… maybe 5 or so maiden lane books ago? It\’s pretty hard for me to imagine a hero good enough for our Alf, the spy/urchin/Jane of the Urban 18th Century St. Giles Jungle. And honestly it took me a little while to warm to Kyle. While important to the plot, I felt there was too much about Kyle\’s late wife and all that angst and not enough relationship development between Alf and Kyle though this quickly changed and was so well done later in the book (the last 3/4 probably). The action is SOOOO good, Hoyt has never disappointed in the action arena imo. And I love that Alf is right there in it, truly any man\’s equal and probably now my favorite heroine of Hoyt\’s (yeah Silence might have to take a second place now!). Eventually I came to love Kyle and even Iris (I\’m dying for her story now, damn you Hoyt and your teasers!). *** Beware audio listeners: the loooong list of numbers will feel like death but do not despair – it does come to an end! I have alway adored listening to Ms Ashford McNab; her storytelling abilities always make me smile and accent reminiscent of Kiera Knightly telling me bedtime stories. So YES! Worth a credit! The Ghost of St Giles Returns!!!


Review #2

Duke of Pleasure audiobook streamming online

I really enjoyed this story. It was great to have the Ghost of St. Giles back. Made for a real Maiden Lane installment. The last 5 books were more stand alone stories. Loved Alf, she was so funny. Right Guv??? LOL. It would have been fun to find out about who her parents were or at least her father, although the epilogue did kind of give you some clue. A novella about here would be fantastic! Hello EH give us an Alf novella. Loved Hugh too. He was awesome too. Sexy, rich, handsome and a spy. Hugh and Alf had some great chemistry together. It felt real and genuine. There is some hot and steamy sex scenes too. Nicely written sex scenes. The story line and plot was great and flowed very well. As for the narration, it was great I love that Ashford McNab narrated all of the books in thise series. She does such a great job. The men sound like men and the women sound nice too. the accent and the way Alf spoke was fantastic. Loved it.


Review #3

Audiobook Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt

The only problem with this book is that it had to end. Alf\’s story and HEA was all I could have hoped for. Gotta love her solution to getting away from a chase. 🙂


Review #4

Audio Duke of Pleasure narrated by Ashford McNab

So, here goes: I loved this book BUT I will not be reading anymore of EH’s books in the future. I’ve read 11 of her books but she’s felt the need to change her writing when it comes to sex. I just brought up her book, Dearest Rogue, on my iPad and did a search, and at no time did she use the word pu**y, c*nt or c*nny in it, as she did in this book. I know a lot of you like those words in their reading material but I find them disgusting and find nothing romantic about either word, and since EH never wrote that way before, stick a fork in me. And, maybe, I’m forgetting but I don’t remember any other Maiden Lane books with men in white wigs. Or there could have been and they just weren’t mentioned more than once. Anyway, I for one HATE those horrible wigs on men AND I hate that goofy white powder women used on their faces (another two reasons to stop reading EH.) That said, this was a seriously exciting book. It was about Lords of Chaos and Hugh’s assignment from the King’s secretary, Shrugg, is to find out who they are and to stop them. And with Alf’s, Riley’s, Jenkin’s and Talbot’s help he does just that, but not without some grief mixed in first. I especially liked Alf. She was such a wonderful character. She was so tough and sassy and I loved the way she talked to Hugh. LOL.. There was definitely sex in this book, long and drawn and with descriptions like this: “ his cock slipped from her lips and come and spit dribbled down her chin. She felt him put a handkerchief to her mouth. She spit into it and wiped he mouth.” Really? This is not what I’m used to from EH. That’s not romantic, IMO. The F-bomb was used 4 times. As to the narration: AM is a good narrator but, as I’ve said before, “there’s certain times you really have to WHISPER in a book” and AM just doesn’t.” If you’re in a CROWDED ballroom and 3 of you are talking about breaking into the home’s library you really cannot be talking in a regular tone of voice. It’s so silly when you’re listening to the book. Also, Hugh’s men were with him in the army and were all described as big men but AM gave Riley the most horrible high-pitched voice that it sounded silly coming from a man.


Review #5

Free audio Duke of Pleasure – in the audio player below

excellent performance! A fun Twist on the classic Cinderella Story a must-read fun and funny as well as romantic! I love this story from start to finish I hope you enjoy it as well.


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