Oct 16, 2022

Twisted Pride (The Camorra Chronicles #3)

Twisted Pride (The Camorra Chronicles #3)

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Twisted Pride audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Twisted Pride audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Twisted Pride audiobook free

I never right reviews but this book was nonsense. This book started off with a Serafina being strong then in the middle it\’s like she lost her back bone. He literally told her she was just another vagina and not to get feelings for him. And she gave in to him over a kiss. That apparently melted all of her brain cells.She knew that he was using her and she let him, he traded her back to her family then put the blame on her saying he thought she would come back to him!! Why? he told her he got what he wanted and didn\’t need her anymore, he actually told her while he was taking her virginity that he put white sheets on the bed so he could show her family, i think his magic penis made her foregt, then he gave her psycho babble about setting her free. I am so disappointed. She did all the chasing and sacrificing and he did nothing to show her that he really wanted her and then it\’s all blamed on his childhood. I\’ve read all three stories and this is the worst. It seems to be a theme that all the heroines turn their backs on their parents.That\’s kind of odd. I only finished because I was hoping she would get smarter but didn\’t. So very disappointed. It should have been title \”She has no pride \”


Review #2

Twisted Pride audiobook in series The Camorra Chronicles

I LOVE Cora Reilly\’s dangerous mafia men. I can\’t get enough. Literally can\’t. I hope she writes 100 more books about these characters. I would one-click pre-order ALL of them. Forever. I was so excited for this book that I held out on reading the two preceding books. And thank god I did because the setup for this book in book #2 would have made me crazy (crazier?) with anticipation. These characters. Oh my. These strong, sexy, terrifying men and their arranged/forced marriages. I LOVE it- two of my favorite dark romance elements. Remo is established so well in the first two books as being unpredictable and dangerous. Sexy. Crazy. Brilliant. Cunning. And who doesn\’t love that in a book boyfriend? I know I sure do. Swoon. Knowing that his book was coming had my heart all aflutter. Ok… maybe it was something else all aflutter…. but I digress. There I\’d also another of my favorite dark romance elements in this story that I can\’t discuss without giving a spoiler, but suffice to say this book checked all kinds of boxes for me. It was well worth the wait and the anticipation. I need more! More of the Famiglia! More of the Camorra! More of the Outfit (Samuel and Sofia stories, please!). Just… more. Love it. Can\’t say it enough. Recommended!


Review #3

Audiobook Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly

Best of the series! I would say that this is one of the Best Cora Reilly books I have read and I have read almost all of them. WOW I stayed up to 3 AM to finish because I just had to see what was going to happen, so I am at work half awake and ready to take a nap!! I really enjoyed this book. Serifina was great character and so strong. I don\’t get when others say she had no backbone. She took and gave with equal measure. Remo got her to stand up for what she wanted and give of her self when she wanted not when others told her too. Her gut was right about Remo, even though his mouth didn\’t match his real feelings. Remo also really came out of himself. I knew just like Serifina,that he is a dangerous and violent man, but is loyal and loves his family right down to his soul. I liked how the brothers could fight and disagree, but always come together in the end not matter what transpired between them. After all Remo went through as a child, I am so glad he got his Angel. Great Great Read!! I can\’t wait to read more about the brothers.


Review #4

Audio Twisted Pride narrated by Tor Thom

Checkmate. Checkmate. Checkmate. This book was definitely worth the wait!!! Remo finally met his match in spades. I loved how the family dynamics meshed and that (of course) there was a happily ever after. This is a must read- if you have read the other books within the Camorra Chronicles- If you haven\’t, then you should start. Of course, the story kicks off with the Camorra going though with their \’wedding plans\’ that was mentioned at the end of Nino\’s story. Remo kidnapped a bride from her wedding but wasn\’t expecting such a spitfire of a woman Serafina was such a strong woman with a lot of pride. Here are a few of my favorite quotes about her that tells you EXACTLY how amazing a match she is for our diabolical man \”I swore to myself that no matter toe price, no matter what it would cost me, one day I would be the one to bring Remo Falcone to his knees\” (ch 5) \”We won\’t have a love story Not a tragic one, not a sad one, and definitely not a happy one. You can have my hatred\” She kept the capo on his toes at all times but when they came together- THEY BURNED O SO BRIGHT \”Oh Remo, I will be your first angel. Patience is a virtue and you will be rewarded for it\” \”you are mine, Angel. Body and soul,\” he rasped. and God help me, he spoke the truth.\” the story ends with you aspiring for the next installments with TWO surprises that were quite unexpected


Review #5

Free audio Twisted Pride – in the audio player below

Wow Remo, twisted, insane, ruthless, dark, scary and hot! I’ve been waiting to read Remo’s story an Cora Reilly did not disappoint me. Remo who I thought was so incapable of loving a women surprised and scared me. So many emotions while reading his story. Serafina, I was so not expecting her. In the Beginning of the book we get the background of who she is, how she is and who her family is and her duties. Cora did an amazing job in the discerption of Serafina and the inner workings and what’s expected of the Outfit women and men. She’s a strong women smart women and I truly enjoyed getting to know her. Ok I’m done because if I say more I’ll give everything away. It’s best to read the books in order to get a really feeling of who the characters are and why they are who and what they are. I’m dying for more and I loved we got glimpses of past characters as well as got to learn more about Remo’s younger brothers. Fingers crossed there books will be coming soon.


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