Nov 14, 2022

Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941

Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941

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Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 audiobook free

I almost passed on this book, thinking that it would be a rehash of stuff I already knew, but it was exactly the opposite. It turns out that a lot of the things we supposedly know about World War II aren’t really true at all. This will probably not be a surprise to historians but many of us are still bogged down in ideas that we got as kids, or from movies.

The author is especially hard on movies, both recent and from years ago, that may tell a good story, but end up giving an entirely wrong-headed picture of what actually happened. And even Winston Churchill’s memoirs are often slanted or self-serving. Of course, after saving western civilization, he’s entitled to be self-serving, but don’t believe everything you read there.

The book covers all the important events, with lots of surprising things that I didn’t know. Especially interesting was the description of Chamberlain’s character, and of what he was trying to achieve at Munich. And the book isn’t just about geopolitical and military matters: we get vivid eyewitness accounts from people who were in the midst of things. I hope the author plans Volume 2 on 1942 to 1945 (or later).


Review #2

Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 audiobook streamming online

A well-written book that provokes renewed thought about the start and early years of World War II from the vantage point of the British Isles.

Professor Allport takes delight in poking holes in long-held verities about the English and their heroic stand Hitler. Chamberlain is viewed more positively, Churchill discounted. The Maginot Line wasn’t such a bad idea. The RAF made a lot of mistakes. Hooking up with the USSR compromised Britain’s moral stance. And so forth.

Talking about the Blitz on page 337: ” There were many reasons why the British people endured in 1940 that had nothing to do with any innate qualities of character.” Personally, I still think character (and Churchill) had much to do with it.

This is certainly not the one and only book to read about the onset of World War II. But it is one that deserves a reading by those with have a deep interest in how Great Britain first confronted Germany many decades ago.


Review #3

Audiobook Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 by Alan Allport

Dr. Allan Allport is a British born scholar who teaches in the United States. Britain at Bay : 1938-1941 is the first of a projected two volume history of the British participation in the Second World War. Allport is an excellent historian who has done his research and passed his keen eye over events well known but needing further historical exploration. In this book we learn:
a. Unlike the myth we know that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did prepare for war in the 1930s with a big buildup in defense spending. Churchill often agreed with Chamberlain whom he would replace as PM on May 10
b, Class divisions were still broad in the 1930’s and there was widespread hunger and poverty but the standard of living was rising and the middle class was expanding.
c. The three big events of 1940 were the retreat from Dunkirk and the fall of France to the Nazis; the Blitz of the autumn and winter of 1940-1941 and the Battle of Britain which began in August 1940. Allport explores all of these events in depth.
d. Troubles with the IRA terrorist and the Arab Revolt were having to be dealt with in a time when the British Empire was beginning its slide downward.
e. Lend Lease aid from the United States helped keep Britain fighting when Hitler threatened to conquer Albion.
The book covers diplomacy, the life and thoughts of ordinary people and military campaigns. A comprehensive view of the war from the English viewpoint. Excellent and essential to aid understanding of the beginning of the world’s worst war.


Review #4

Audio Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 narrated by James Langton

Book takes a jaundiced view of most of the positive accounts of the early pre war and early ww2 events and personalities. This is sometimes quite overdone and gives the text a bit of a whining tone. I can’t accurately judge the true history as the book portrays it to be but the negative accounts are often individual accounts and often seem to stretch the points being made. So, this is a revisionist history which is often a valuable addition i don’t give it 3 stars for that, but because it gets to be a long winded and somewhat boring read after a while.


Review #5

Free audio Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 – in the audio player below

A very well-written history of Britain’s experiences during the first half of WWII. Allport breaks down many traditional myths and considers matters from perspectives rarely spoken of (eg. the Northern Irish experience) but the sheer courage and initiative shown by politicians, military leaders, servicemen, and ordinary civilians is highlighted throughout. I found chapters on the Blitz and Atlantic Convoy dangers particularly moving. Despite (obviously) knowing who wins the war in the end, I found my toes curling with uncertainty and anticipation at many points as I read. Definitely recommended.


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