Nov 14, 2022

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Broken Prey audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Broken Prey audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Broken Prey audiobook free

This is one scary book! The descriptions of the multiple murders are detailed and horrific. The bad guy (nope, no spoiler!) is one sick dude, and I mean SICK!
The way that Lucas, Sloan, Del, Shrake, Jenkins and other assorted others figure out what is REALLY going on is classic John Sandford… Way to go, John!!!


Review #2

Broken Prey audiobook streamming online

I am a huge fan of Sandford and the Prey series. So much so that I am rereading the entire series from the first, Rules of Prey, and should finish about the time the newest is released in the spring. I purchased Broken Prey because it was one of a very few of the series I either had borrowed or had lent and not gotten back. Newer ones in the series are on my Kindle, but this series predates ereaders by several yeahs. This book is as good as any in the series and well worth reading. Any one undertaking the series is well advised to begin with Rules and read the series sequentially. Understanding Lucas Davenport and getting to know the characters, many of whom show up from time to time throughout the series only adds to the pleasure. John Sandford is at the very top of a list of great mystery / thriller writers list in my opinion. You will probably want to read the Kidd (appears in several Prey books) and Flowers (a spin off from Prey) series as well. There are also a few stand alone novels. Note, he also has a joint venture aimed at youthful readers as well.


Review #3

Audiobook Broken Prey by John Sandford

I am an ardent John Sandford fan. I recently purchased and read the complete Prey series and then the complete Flowers series in order, and I’m only sorry I’ll have to wait for the next book in both series. Sandford is a novelist with the rare ability to carry over characters and plot elements with complete believabiity while allowing both to develop in interesting, unexpected but natural ways – the only other “serial” novelist who does this nearly as well is Anthony Trollope, and he avoids murders. I re-read these books with pleasure as great or greater than the first reading because the fast-paced narrative and unexpected plot developments pulls you to read fast the first time; the second or third you can pay attention to atmosphere (he’s great on significant landscape detail), character growth, and situation development. Sandford writes like a real novelist, not like someone trying to impress academia with his literary exclusivity.


Review #4

Audio Broken Prey narrated by Eric Conger

Lucas Davenport should have it made in this story. He has no distractions. He’s a married family man now and his wife and kids are in London for a few months. So solving a mystery involving brutal murders with the bodies set in gruesome displays should be no sweat for this experienced Minnesota detective. But it doesn’t quite work out that way. The main problem is whenever evidence points to one particular bad guy as The Killer, that guy ends up dead and Lucas has to find someone else to be a prime suspect. Fortunately there is an entire insane asylum of potential suspects – even the staff!

Personally I enjoyed this story because my two main childhood hometowns are featured. Well, at least they are mentioned as being the hometowns of nutcases. Maybe that was not phrased well. I was born in Owatonna. At age 10 my family moved to Rochester where we lived four years. Unfortunately Sandford forgot to mention some of the key important industries in Owatonna that sort of place it on the map: Jostens Jewelry originated here. They make commemorative rings like Class Rings and Superbowl Rings and even made the plaque NASA gave me on retirement. Owatonna Canning Company started the famous “Dinty Moore Beef Stew” and a few other products grown in the fields around the town. Owatonna Tool Company has made many types of farm equipment and ground-working equipment like loaders, bulldozers, etc. Unfortunately all of these successful companies were taken over by other large compamies and current factories are in other cities. The Wenger Musical Equipment Company is based in Owatonna. They make stands and equipment to set up and display performing bands and choral groups. As a musician in Owatonna, my dad knew Harry Wenger. Dad conducted the park band every summer. Dad was also a high school math teacher and taught math to most residents living there in the years 1940 to 1953. The town has many parks and a good activity program for youth. I have always had some pride for that town.

So in the book, as in life, nothing much happens in Owatonna. But it is mentioned.

The same goes for Rochester. Sandford does mention that it is the city with the highest per capita income in Minnesota. But you have to be in the right capita to benefit. The richest part is “Pill Hill” in the Southwest where the doctors from the Mayo Clinic live. We lived in the Northeast, as far from Pill Hill as we could get. I had a lot of nice-looking sport coats and slacks to wear to church. Got them at the Thrift Shop in Southwest. Truthfully, it is the best small city I ever lived in, much better than other cities in the Midwest, East and South in the US.

The Killer may have passed through Rochester.

So the story is really a pretty good mystery but this reader was frustrated when Lucas had to keep finding a new Prime Suspect. The ending was quite something when all of a sudden things came together. Of course, you know Lucas survived – the big gun fight but almost not when he lied to his wife about being shot. His good buddy Sloan who has helped him in many stories finally had enough and retired at the end. He runs a bar populated by a bunch of young and well-endowed waitresses.

One reviewer described Broken Prey as “boring.” You have to get used to the way Sandford writes. He pauses the action at times and fills in some character info. Many characters continue from story to story. It’s his style. I have found some of his stories close to boring. But I enjoy the background info. This probably has more action per chapter than most of his books. But I do get tired of Lucas. Time for some Flowers.


Review #5

Free audio Broken Prey – in the audio player below

Lucas Davenport; fascinating but, admittedly flawed; he is vain, likes expensive clothes more than he probably should but is so genuinely in love with and supportive of his wife, little son and ward, Letty.
He is also a ferocious foe to the bad guy and will stop at nothing to get him, including illegal entry and trickery.
With its twists and turns through the antique dealers world and political nastiness, this book has it all.
Lucas, let’s his old pal and cohort, Virgil Flowers in on the action and, typical of Virgil, he does it completely Virgil’s way.
I’m prejudiced in favor of all John Sandford’s books, the Pre series, the Virgil Flowers and the Kidd books. I’ve never been disappointed.


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