Nov 30, 2022

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Flying Over Water audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Flying Over Water audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Flying Over Water audiobook free

Award-winning authors Shannon Hitchcock and NH Senzai collaborated on this powerful story of a refugee family from Aleppo, who try to fit into American culture during Trump’s Muslim ban. Alternating between the voice of Noura, a gentle but spirited girl, still traumatized by her experiences in Syria, and Jordyn, a golden-girl athlete from Tampa whose life seemed charmed until last year when a family trauma made her lose her will to achieve. Both girls have a powerful fear connected to water, both love their families, both speak their minds and both are determined to see the right thing happen as Noura’s family is subjected to more and more harrassment by the community. The message that emerges is something striking in our current world – that if people communicate honestly, and listen with an open mind, good things happen and people heal.


Review #2

Flying Over Water audiobook streamming online

Jordyn recognizes her mom is depressed after suffering a miscarriage. This traumatic event affects Jordyn too as she experiences panic attacks. The family is open about her mom and Jordyn seeing a therapist and medication that helps her mom cope with the family’s loss. Jordyn’s story weaves nicely into Noura’s story. Noura is a Syrian refugee who has moved to Tampa where Jordyn lives. Through the church that Jordyn and her family attend she and her mom help Noura and her family adjust to their new home. What the two families don’t forsee is their reliance on each other—the Syrian family need the American family and vice-versa. Along with the story of Jordyn and Noura the reader learns about other cultures. Senzai and Hitchcock do a great job giving a balanced view of all religions and cultures. The religions presented in the book are centered around the main point of faith: caring for one another and respecting each other. And at the same time how “hatred and compassion [can] reside in the same heart. [And in] the end, it [is] what you chose to do with them that matters.” Both girls are helped by therapy, and the book gives a good description of mental health conditions and ways to live with them. Anyone can experience anxiety no matter where you come from. Flying Over Water is an important book for young people to read right now because it presents the current social and political environment we have to navagate. The novel gives the reader a human, individual experience that is vital to understand today’s world.


Review #3

Audiobook Flying Over Water by N. H. Senzai Shannon Hitchcock

read by every family with children in school or not.

“Flying Over Water” is a book that’s targeted towards 8-12 year olds but truly has something for everyone. It explores the topics of immigration, religious tolerance, bigotry, friendship, anxiety and more. Told from alternating view points of two middle school girls, one a Muslim receiving asylum from Syria and the other a white Methodist, native Floridian. They meet, learn about each other, find common ground and a beautiful friendship grows as a consequence of their individual trials.

As the two girls lean on each other and help each other, the lives of their family, friends and community are effected by their relationship. There are some snarky political comments the authors have placed unnecessarily in the text but that’s becoming the norm these days. Both girls have strong, supportive families that assist in working thru the various challenges.

This is a positive book that deals with important, serious subject matter. The chapters are reasonable in length and make good breaking points for daily discussions for family reading. Kids book clubs would also be a perfect avenue for this excellent volume.

All things considered, award winning authors have provided an award worthy story📚


Review #4

Audio Flying Over Water narrated by Cassandra Morris Christine Tawfik

This book is a masterpiece. The story is told from two perspectives by two 12-year-old girls in 7th grade. Jordyn is an American girl living in Florida. Noura is from Syria, having fled with her family literally hours before Trump declared a ban on Muslim immigration.

Noura has a twin brother Amman and a younger brother. No sooner do Noura and her family arrive when they learn that Trump has a ban on Muslims in place. To make matters worse, Noura has a fear of water and much of their flight from Syria takes place over the ocean.

Luckily for Noura and her family, they meet Jordyn, a girl Noura’s age who says she will take Noura under her wing and show her around the school Noura will soon be attending. Fortunately for the girls, many of their peers are kind, but as expected not all of them are. There are some who are downright cruel and nasty.

Readers learn more about Islam and Middle Eastern culture. Luckily for Ammar and Noura, their principal accommodates their religious observance by providing them with a place for them to pray. In time other kids decorate the storage room and soon it is converted to a quiet retreat for anyone wanting to pray, meditate or take advantage of some quiet time.

Noura and Jordyn soon bond. Jordyn, who has not known of the danger and hardships that Noura does has her own set of problems. Jordyn’s mother recently had a miscarriage and the loss left her depressed. Jordyn herself has a well guarded secret. To top her problems, bullying is a major issue.

This is a brilliantly written and very topical book. Readers learn of the Muslim Ban aka Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States was in effect from January 27 until March 6, 2017. This cruel, needless and grossly misguided Executive Order was fortunately superseded. It reinforced the fallacy of Middle Easterners as being prone to acts of terrorism which simply is not true. The irony of it all is that “Muslim” means anybody who worships God and Islam is the faith that many Middle Easterners follow. Another plus point is that readers learn a bit about Syrian culture. As with any country, each comes with its own language(s); culture; customs and history. Both girls, Jordyn and Noura serve as ambassadors to not only their literary peers, but to readers who are genuinely interested in Syrian culture and what each girl offers the other.

This is a relevant and very needed book and I recommend it for all middle schools. It is topical and will certainly lend itself to some deep discussions and learning. This book will also open the doors to tolerance as readers will come to appreciate the privations and hardships of families emigrating from Middle Eastern countries. I highly recommend and wish I could give it 100 or more stars.


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