Nov 30, 2022

Iran: A Modern History

Iran: A Modern History

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Iran: A Modern History audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Iran: A Modern History audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Iran: A Modern History audiobook free

One thing to say if you want a Muslim bashing book you may find the author opinionated. On audible every time a book doesn\’t take a Muslim bashing approach in any objective or nuanced historical book, conservatives in western countries find it opinionated and not objective since it doesn\’t fit their ideological needs. I have read many books on the Muslim world and took many courses on the subject. I also been deployed to Iraq in the army. Since the war drums with Iran been going on in the headlines I decided to give this beast a try. I been countering it out with Jay Solomon\’s \”Iran Wars.\” First off I only honestly did 7 chapters of this book so far which mostly covers the Safavid Dynasty but I feel I can give a good assessment of how the author approaches the issue. I am almost done with the book \”The Sultan and the Queen\” by Jerry Brotton and I feel that this book shows the accuracy of the time period. Which that book dealt with the economics and political situation of the Ottoman Empire with Europe this fills in the gap of the Safavid Dynasty with Europe and its regional rivals. In this book you will get sex tales within the regimes, and many accounts of the brutal heavy handed Shahs. All the different religious clerics, religious groups, dervishes and their debates. You will hear of Iranian converts to Catholicism, and Iranian interactions with European powers. The effects of Gold inflation brought in by the new world. The effects of opium and syphilis among the population. Cultural attitudes, musical and artistic tastes. I mention these things to show you that this book is not some romanticism of Iran or the Muslim world but an objective view of the accomplishments and eccentric deviancy that\’s common in any medieval dynasty at the time. This dynasty just happens to be of Shia Muslims. The narrator has a perfect scholarly accent too that will drawl you in the material. If its this objective so far and entertaining I cant wait to hear the rest of the book.

Review #2

Iran: A Modern History audiobook streamming online

This is a huge book, but it covers a massive topic. I has a conversational tone instead of a narrative, so individual chapters have a general topic but a meandering story. There are many controversial statements presented as fact here which could be argued, but the author only mentions them in passing so you must ask yourself why it was included in the first place. The author is constantly comparing what went on in Iran to contemporary events in Europe. This becomes impossible because each individually is a non-specific issue that covers a broad policies in Iran without detail. Also, the author stereotypes all \”Europe\” to include everything from the ancient Greeks to Revolutionary France. For instance, he brings up the preception of Persia (Iran) from the Bible. That opens up a can of worms, but the author could have started with \”it is beyond the scope of this book to assess the accuracy of any sacred text.\” But instead, the book presents what is said in the Bible as fact with two end notes that say \”although it was really a composite work written centuries later.\” This combined with the fact in one passage he says that ancient Iranian alphabet was dropped for the \”more accurate\” Arabian one, but later he states flatly that the transition was a product of the Islamic invasion. He also avoids saying how Islam came by mass conversion at sword point, only saying that the older Zoroastrianism was replaced \”very quickly.\” The author thinks the Latin \”Rex\” means theocrat. He is WRONG, Rex means king or dictator which is solely secular authority. Author admits that slavery in Iran was open to many abuses including sexual slavery, but insists that it was not as bad as what happened in Europe. The unfair comparison is unfair, especially since Europe had a whole rainbow of policies and practices over the centuries. Also, the author says that inter-racial marriages were not uncommon, but he ignores it was also forbidden and subject to all sorts of mandatory discrimination. In fact, most of the biracial children were the product of sexual slavery. But since the author does not detail how social and legal justice was dealt out, he allows the impression that slavery was unimportant. You can obviously see where the author is coming from. But there is a lot of good information in this book, but inexperienced ears should be cautious of the lack of an overall argument or narrative and occasional factual inaccuracies.

Review #3

Audiobook Iran: A Modern History by Abbas Amanat

This book was beyond my imagination. No wonder why it is the result of 20 years of the author’s effort. I think any Iranian who is wondering why Iran fell into such a misery has to read this book. I wish I could find a Farsi copy.

Review #4

Audio Iran: A Modern History narrated by Derek Perkins

Abbas Amant\’s \”Iran, A Modern History\” is a masterpiece worth reading for anyone interested in the history of modern Iran. If you don\’t have the patience to read 1000 pages, listen to the audio version. It\’ll be well worth your time!

Review #5

Free audio Iran: A Modern History – in the audio player below

Historical account of Iran, with an emphasis on the 20th century. Runs from the early 16th century with Ismail I to the present. Detailed , interesting, great narrator, I was hooked. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the country.

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