Nov 30, 2022

Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1)

Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1)

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Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) audiobook free

If this was a debut book- then bravo! This one was beautiful. I was literally enthralled. I couldn’t put it down. The writing was amazing. The interactions between characters was spot on. The turmoil was just about right. There was just enough intimate moments to keep you guessing. It wasn’t over the top.

Out of all the stuff going on in the world with the coronavirus, me being furloughed, my husband leaving me after 27 years, going through major surgery, having 3 health scares- and that is all within the last year. It’s nice to unwind and escape all the goings on.

I throughly enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful surprise and I loved every minute. I can’t find a downfall. I can’t find anything negative about this book. It was an exceptional read. Though if my man told me to be sure to close the garage door when I left, I’d punch him. And it was taken in the context of Mia leaving Nick after a slight altercation. But luckily for Nick, he redeemed himself. Many times. I did like Nick. I liked Mia as well. I liked their chemistry. It was truly an honor to include this book in my ebook library.

Thank you for writing it. I am hoping Eli and Dana come next. Hint. Hint.


Review #2

Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) audiobook streamming online

I’m usually not into second chance romance but this one was really quite good. Mia Parker and Dr. Nick Foster had been together during their graduate school years until Nick’s BFF Eli who also happened to be Mia’s brother found out. For some reason Eli began his hatred of Nick from that moment on and that hatred proves to be detrimental into this story.
Mia has come home from her “big city” job as an attorney to help with her ill father. Wow! The fireworks when she meets up again with the handsome and cocky ER physcian, Dr. Nick Foster. They can’t help themselves. Whenever they are together…yep, more fireworks, whether on the sofa, over her desk and even in a bed!
What happens when Nick has an unfortunate event occur in the ER to a well-beloved member of this little town? Fireworks, but of a very different sort. This story rings so true to a small town love relationship when everybody thinks they have a say, positive or negative. Great characters. I had a hard time liking Eli b/c Ms. Williams wrote him so despicably well;-) The altercation in chapter 29 was a fist pump moment for me. And, there was a very touching scene at the cemetery. Best darn ending ever!
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book through Booksprout and it comes highly recommended. I give it 4.5 deliciously steamy, poignant and witty stars.


Review #3

Audiobook Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) by Ajme Williams

Thy knew each other years ago. Until she left after her brother, his best friend, found them together. Now she is back, she is still untouchable. They both work for the same hospital. He is works in the ER and she admin as their in house lawyer. Are the sparks still there? But what happens when he needs a lawyer? Will she stand by the hospital? Or him? Can they over come their feelings for each other or get their second chance?


Review #4

Audio Our Last Chance (Heart of Hope #1) narrated by Sofia Willingham Tim Paige

I can’t stand reading books that has the F word in every paragraph and using the Lord’s name in the others. Is it a filler for authors that they are not able to come up with alternative words and write decent, quality books. What a shame…


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