Nov 13, 2022

Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5)

Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5)

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Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) audiobook free

This book was a fun read, but the first half of it was better than the second. There are a lot of entertaining characters/suspects among the department store staff and owners but most of them receive far too little characterization. Esther, Lopez, and the other regulars shine and develop pretty well though, and the humor is refreshingly strong.


Review #2

Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) audiobook streamming online

I love this series! And this was a fine addition to it. I saved it to read during the Christmas season, since that’s when it’s set, and I’m glad I did- it was a perfect light romp for a somewhat stressful time.

I’m not going to summarize the plot. Just know that Esther is reluctantly working as Dreidle, the Jewish elf, in a big NYC department store’s “Solsticeland” display. And then, as often happens around her, things start to go Horribly Wrong.

Esther has no paranormal talents whatsoever, unless one counts an uncanny (heh) ability to get mixed up in such. Fortunately, some of her friends are more skilled.

This had a nice bit of creepy along with the humor. But it’s a humorous series (with great dialog), and the scene in which Esther meets her sort-of boyfriend’s parents, in the worst possible way, had me laughing out loud. And really, the MOST horrible way. Yes, worse than that.

I’d be annoyed by the pace of Esther’s and Lopez’s on-again, off-again relationship, except I think it IS progressing- slowly- book by book.

The characters, as well as the dialog, is up to the previous books’ levels. The plot is well-paced. These are definitely light books, but well-written and so much fun!

Recommended… but you might want to start with either “Disappearing Nightly”: or “Doppelgansters”, and read through the rest.


Review #3

Audiobook Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) by Laura Resnick

Esther Diamond is back in Polterheist and getting into the same trouble as before. To pay her rent she is working at Fenster & Co, a local department store, as a Christmas Elf. In keeping with her background she is the Jewish Elf.
Some of the elves and other characters are quitting with no notice. They just disappear without even turning in their costumes. People who have worked during past Christmas seasons are saying that this year it is different. There is a feeling of evil that was not there in the past. Then the props start attacking people. To add to the problem trucks carrying goods for the store are being hijacked.

That brings Detective Connor Lopez on the scene. Once again he and Esther are throw together and have to save the day. Look for fun dialog, great action, and all of the great side characters that were in previous books. The paranormal is an evil presence that Esther believes in and Connor does not. That difference adds additional interest and tension to the story.

This is book five in the series. Most of the world building has already been done. There are reminders dropped in around the story and you can read this as a stand alone. However I recommend starting with book one, Disappearing Nightly.


Review #4

Audio Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) narrated by Bob Payne Colleen Delany Eleanor Todd full cast Jonathan Feuer KenYatta Rogers Lawrence Redmond Nick DePinto Scott McCormick Terence Aselford Thomas Keegan Tim Carlin

Ive been enjoying Laura Resnicks tales of actress Esther Diamond, an actress with no supernatural powers whose various jobs put her into danger from the supernatural. She works with Manhattan’s resident mage, Dr. Maximillian Zadok who, because of alchemic potion that no one has been able to duplicate looks only seventy but is 350 years old. Probably the worst place for a secular Jew to work is at a huge department store Christmas display. The one at Fenster & Co takes up a whole floor and has a singing tree and a Karaoke bear that attack her at the same time that Detective Lopez, Esther’s former almost-boyfriend is investigating heists of Fensters trucks. It doesnt help that other seasonal employees are disappearing with no explanation. So its a case of Polterheist (paper from DAW that I bought electronically) with demons and gothic witches. I find this series addicting and impossible to read without a giggle or three. Review printed in the Philadelphia Weekly Press


Review #5

Free audio Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) – in the audio player below

Each volume, starting from DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY, gets better and better. This latest installment, starring up and coming actress Esther Diamond, finds her as Dreidel, the Jewish elf at Solticeland, a fixture at an old, established New York department store. Hey, a girl’s gotta pay her bills, and if you can’t find another job…?

Characters from previous books in the series make a return appearance, and we get to meet characters mentioned earlier but never seen. But the book stands on its own, you don’t need to read previous installments to enjoy this book. (And if this is your first time meeting Ms. Diamond, then I envy you the entertaining reading you will have.)

I wish with all my heart some smart Hollywood producer buys the film rights to this series. Esther is smart, aggressive, witty, loyal, and fun. I was mentally picturing actresses who could bring her to life. Jewel Staite? Felicia Day? It’s just the right mixture of supernatural and romance.


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