Nov 1, 2022

Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2)

Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2)

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Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) audiobook free

The story in this one picks up where the other on left off and does not disappoint. In so many series the sophomore effort to a really good first book is disappointing because much of the character growth stagnates in favor of moving the plot along. Not the case in this one. All of the power leveling and exponential growth and constant action of the first are present and show no signs of slowing down.

There were some reviews of the first book that complained that the MC was OP or a mary sue and there is validity to this complaint, however, when done right this type of MC can be one of the most fun to read about. Apollo gets the formula right in this book and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series.

So… moral of the story is; if you liked the first installment you will really like this one. If you want realistic and gritty that creates MC growth through torment this isn’t for you, go read something by Sever Brony or Joe Abercrombie if you like being depressed or stressed over the fate of the hero. This book is action filled and suspenseful in parts but you always feel like the MC is going to pull off whatever he gets into next and that makes it my kind of story.


Review #2

Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) audiobook streamming online

A good sequel to Level Up or Die, this time Elorion and the gang are on the run from a dangerous enemy thats sending minion after minion to kill them. Its action scene after action scene with good lulls in between for RPG leveling, magical theorizing, and a bit of character development. But let’s be honest, the best thing about the series is the action and power leveling, which returns in spades. Theres even a little bit of dungeon creation this time to add a little variety.

Overall, a good action oriented LitRPG novel that flies by.

Score: 7.7 out of 10


Review #3

Audiobook Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) by Apollos Thorne

I have read every book the mighty Apollos has put out and this one defiently does not disappoint. The action is packed all the way throughout until the very last page and leave you grasping for me and yelling because you have to wait.

The character development is amazing and each and every character is fleshed out and brought to life even more then before. Everyone is only trying to survive in this harrowing yet amazingly fun to read adventure.

This is an amazing continuation of the story and picks up right where book one leaves you. It pulls you along on the dark and mystifying adventures of these unlikely heros.

I would most definitely recommend everyone read this story and buy every other book this man has wrote. I cant say enough of how I have enjoyed everystory and especially how this one develops the underworld.

Buy it and buy it now you will not regret getting this story and continuing the amazing adventures within.


Review #4

Audio Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) narrated by Graham Halstead

This story is a great sequel. If you need one sentence to decide to purchase or not, take that one. It is everything the book before it was – just more.

Cool magic? Even cooler magic combinations.
Interesting world building? Heres more details and more info.

Interesting conflicts? Heres a harder challenge, and another even harder challenge immediately after.

Character development? Heres the main character progressing in his role of protector for the group of wayward humans he considers his friends.

Id get this story if you enjoyed the first story, and like GameLit stories. This checks all the boxes and plays with tropes instead of diving into them.

Looking forward to book 3!


Review #5

Free audio Through the Belly of the Beast (Underworld #2) – in the audio player below

I read the first book and I loved it. The second book…yeah not so much. Let’s get into needy gritty.

First, the character hasn’t gone through anything that would show growth in power or personality.

Second, the female lead. I don’t know what’s about her that gets on my nerves but, everytime I read about her or her lines they makes me cringe. The way the MC acts around her makes me cringe even more. To me the only reason she is in the book is because the author wanted a love intrest and nothing else.

And the last thing, magic. When I found out about how everyone could just learn blue magic I was pissed. I felt this was unique to him, the way the word old blood was foreshadowed I thought blue magic was genetic. Blue magic in most media is always something that you either can’t learn or is so hard to learn you have to either be the main character or be merlin reborn, but when it’s just casually thrown out how you learn it…is was disappointed.

This is all and I won’t be reading another of this series.


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