Dec 7, 2021

In the past and even today, people show their interest in the marriage of the man who appears to be the show stopper in society. Especially the girls of the town are attracted towards the bachelor who is rich as well because if they get the opportunity to marry him their entire problems would be solved forever. Simon Basset is one of those kids who are rich, smart, and sexy as well. Almost all the girls of the town want to be with him and of course marrying him would be like a dream come true.

Simon likes to remain the highlight all the time but he does not want to talk about his marriage again and again. Thus the man devises a clever plan and announces his marriage to Daphne. The marriage originally never takes place it was done to get rid of those scandals and false rumors which were teasing Simon. Now people of the town consider Daphne to be engaged with Simon and for her, it is a contract that can give her what she needs.

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Daphne knows that Simon does not want to marry but her heart slowly starts getting attracted towards this handsome bachelor whose touch starts making her forget the contract. Julia Quinn takes the story further on two levels here, one is the apparent scene and the other story is about the hearts of these two lovers who just cannot express their love openly.

Rosalyn Landor surely narrates hidden romance and love in the most appropriate way throughout the novel. The flavor of The Viscount Who Loved Me and Romancing Mister Bridgerton is apparent in this book. The author not only talks about love but the stories also have some relation with the history which is joined to the story with the help of dates. Member Benefit

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