Nov 12, 2022

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Bishop audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Bishop audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Bishop audiobook free

Im happy to report that the super-hot hockey gods that Sawyer Bennett is known for in the Cold Fury series are just as hot and awesome in this series. I could not put this book down! Or, at least I didnt want to. You know, work and real life got in the way. And I will admit, at one point I could foresee something terrible happening and had to put it down for a little while because by not reading further I could stall the thing from happening. (Im not going to tell you if I was right or not because that would ruin it for you when you get to that point!)

Bishop is just such a nice guy. I know, calling a man a nice guy is like the kiss of death. But seriously, hes a sweetie. From the beginning of his fake relationship with Brooke, he is on her about not putting all the blame on herself. Hes so considerate of her feelings and how things are affecting her even though the ruse has really put a damper on his social life. The relationship that grows as Bishop and Brooke spend more and more time together is so natural and organic. They have a beautiful connection.

My heart hurts for Brooke and her reasons for giving up a job she loved for a job she isnt very thrilled with. What a wonderful woman she is, and such a caring daughter. I will admit, it made me dislike her dad a bit since he had to have known she gave up a lot for him. When Brooke, yet again, puts someone elses well being ahead of her own so Bishop wont have trouble with his job, its just like second nature to her. Shes definitely a mama bear type of nurturer.

The chemistry is off the charts with these two and they have both hot and touching love scenes in this story. Again, the relationship progresses so naturally its almost like you dont even realize its happening.

We meet a few of the teammates in this story to pave the way for future books. It seems it may be a while before we get his story, but I cannot wait to learn more about Tacker. He had my heart from the very beginning. I have a feeling this series is going to be (somehow) even better than the Cold Fury series.

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**


Review #2

Bishop audiobook streamming online

If you love Hockey you will fall in love with The Arizona Vengeance a Brand new series by Sawyer Bennett.
Bishop Scott is the first Player we meet on this new expansion team that comes to Arizona. Getting accustomed to a new team and a new city he goes out with friends and never expects to meet Brooke Perron.
Brooke Perron is new to Arizona after moving from NYC to be closer to her father after a life changing event. A night out to meet a friend turns into a night of meeting Bishop Scott.
What Brooke & Bishop never expect is to see each other again but when fate changes that you cant help feel their chemistry fall off the pages.
We will see Bishop & Brooke have to deal with some secrets and lies but you cant help cheer them to find a reason to find that HEA.


Review #3

Audiobook Bishop by Sawyer Bennett

This is an auto 1-click author for me, and other than knowing this was book 1 of a spin off of her Cold Fury hockey series, I had no clue what the story actually was about. When I got to the fake engagement I literally snorted with laughter and cheered, because fake boyfriend/fianc storylines are some of my favorites. Btw, no worries if you haven’t read the Cold Fury series (but I have to say, why not? ); though the team is mentioned, specific characters aren’t, so you won’t feel like you’re missed out by starting here.

I liked both Bishop and Brooke, two essentially good people with some off the charts chemistry between them–I loved when Bishop’s Alpha side came out (in and out of the bedroom), whoa, boy! *fans self* I also loved how caring Brooke was about her father, and how supportive Bishop was about Brooke’s career because it made her happy, even though it wasn’t what he wanted.

As for secondary characters, using a brand new expansion team for this new series was a clever way for the author to be able to introduce a bunch of new characters naturally in the context of the story. And can I just say, I knew immediately I wanted Tacker Hall’s story, like now?! Though I was very taken with several of the other secondary characters as well.

In addition to all the chemistry between Brooke and Bishop, there was a lot of humor; for instance, I loved the way Bishop’s mother teased him and a nice twist with Brooke’s father towards the end both definitely had me laughing out loud. Speaking of ending, the end here was quite abrupt; though I’m not sure what I was expecting, I’m thinking maybe the author did it that way to avoid spoilers for the following books?

Besides the end, I did have a few other (relatively minor) problems with the book. For instance, I had trouble buying the setup for the subplot with Brooke’s friend–they didn’t seem close enough to be that aware of what was going on in each other’s lives. Also, while we’re told Brooke talks about her mother all the time, we never really see it; I feel like the author missed an opportunity there to add another layer of emotion and character development to the story.

Funny, hot and a little dirty, this was an entertaining setup for the new series. I’m looking forward to reading more about the Arizona Vengeance players, especially Dax and Tacker, and, yes, Eric, whose book is going to be next. I’m even hoping maybe the coach and team owner will get a story, fingers crossed. 4 stars

B2B Kelly


Review #4

Audio Bishop narrated by Kirsten Leigh Lance Greenfield

Fans of Sawyer Bennetts Cold Furys series has been waiting for her new hockey series Arizona Vengeance to be released. It promises to be a great series, like her other one. While I think the beginning dragged a bit for me, by the second chapter I was swept up into Bishop and Brookes story. While it is the fake fianc premise, their story is more. It is two people attracted to each other from the beginning fall in love. So they got engaged before the love and romance, I think it happens more than what we believe.
Ms. Bennett is a great writer and storyteller and every book gets better and better.


Review #5

Free audio Bishop – in the audio player below

I loved diving into this book which concentrates on Bishop from the newest Hockey team in the NHL. He hooks up with Brooke and they have an amazing night together but he doesn’t get her number before they part. Fast forward a few hours and Bishop is starting at his new Hockey Team’s new base and he crosses paths with the gorgeous Brooke. Her dad catches them in a hot clinch because Brooke works for the Vengeance Hockey team and her Dad is Bishop’s coach. In a bid to salvage a potentiality damaging situation, Brooke tells her dad that she and Bishop are an item and pretty much on the brink of engagement. Cue, a fake relationship that soon becomes very real.

I really enjoyed this sexy, funny and sweet story. I’m looking forward to more from these hockey hotties.

HEA? Yes
Cheating? No


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