Nov 12, 2022

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Friction audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Friction audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Friction audiobook free

Friction is blindingly intoxicating, flawlessly masterful, and unquestionably all-consuming! This story will take your heart by storm and shatter your simple world as it shows you the meaning of blistering and undeniable passion. I have never experienced a story with such life-shattering passion that will never leave you the same again. This is a wild and pure love that cannot be contained, trained, or harnessed. It can only be infused to your soul as it overtakes every part of who you are and shows you the only way to live and experience and enjoy life. This book is a tour de force that will have you falling in love with every decadent and raw emotion that it throws at you! Life will never be the same.

Leary Michaels has fought her way to the dream that her life has become. A girl from such humble beginnings never had a chance without the heart and determination that fills her every decision and calculated move. She is a top lawyer in high demand, and she knows exactly what she wants. She will not be denied until she meets her match in Reeve Holloway. No one has ever matched her ruthlessness and cunning let alone her depths of passion and heat until this man. Leary will not allow herself to be side tracked no matter how delicious and sexy he is, so she decides to take him on the ride of his life. Except, he manages to turn the tables on her as her heart finally decides to get in the way of her ambition. Will Leary win no matter the cost, or will Reeve be the one man who can lay claim to this wild and elusive unicorn?

Leary and Reeve took my heart by storm, and I loved every second of it. It was hilarious to watch these two stumble and fall into the unknown territory of love. Matched in every way, it was a rare treat to watch two prowling wolves find themselves lost and in awe of how perfect they are together. Their mutual respect matched only by their power and prowess at work and life left me drowning in the heights of a powerful passion and heady love that made me yearn for the same in my own life. These two are the ultimate power couple who treasure the gift they have found and refuse to accept anything but the best in love, life, and adventure.

Sawyer Bennett is a brilliant author who has won the respect and love of this reader. She has dazzled and transfixed my heart and mind in a way that I will never forget. She knows how to reach deep inside and pull of your heart strings while making you utterly and willingly lose yourself in a provocative and heartfelt story. You will never be the same after experiencing the power and heart of her incredible words. What better way to experience life then to be flayed open and hit full force by the powerhouse that is Sawyer Benntt!


Review #2

Friction audiobook streamming online

What really draws people to a sculpture, a painting, even a book, is the amount of passion they can feel exuding from it. Not every artist knows how to communicate this, but in the case of Friction, Sawyer Bennett has done a superb job. Through her character Leary, she has let the reader see a part of her, a compassionate woman, the passionate writer, the warrior lawyer.

The story portrayed in Friction is based on a real case, and my heart broke for Jenna and all the physical and mental damage she suffered at the hands of a surgeon who was playing god.

But more than a captivating storyline I loved Leary’s character, her drive to bring justice to Jenna damn the consequences, even if those consequences sacrificed the relationship with the man she loved. Leary is one of the strongest heroines I’ve ever read, she truly was a force not to be reckoned with, a fighter through and through with a heart of gold. And as every heroine has her hero, Leary had hers in Reeve, he was her strength when she needed it the most (even at times when she didn’t know it.) He GOT her, and he too sacrificed a part of himself for her.

Be ready to be enthralled by a new set of characters and a touching story.

Without a doubt one of Mrs. Bennett’s best books to date.


Review #3

Audiobook Friction by Sawyer Bennett

Once again Sawyer Bennett gives us another Hot Alpha Man to fall in love with and his name is Reeve Holloway. An attorney for one of the biggest corporate law firms is put in a case of malpractice and thinking he has an easy win little does he knows he up against the one and only Leary Michaels.
Leary Michaels attorney for as she puts the downtrodden is so compassionate when it comes to her clients she pulls out all the stops to win.
When Leary meets Reeve you can most definitely feel the chemistry between the two come right off the pages. Both passionate in the job but when that passion develops into more they are both walking that fine line and do whatever it takes to see if they can be just as lucky in love as they are in work.
The two of them most definitely go through some ups and downs but what you are cheering for is not only the little guy but the two of them to find that happy medium and be together.
Sawyer Bennett has given us another fantastic read and if you looking for a book that has everything from romance, angst and everything in between this is the one you don’t want to miss.


Review #4

Audio Friction narrated by Sebastian York

Just when I think this author has reached the pinnacle, she comes out with an even more amazing book. The story was consistently interesting with real, well-developed characters. There was no over-the-top ridiculousness here, no weak damsel in distress, just an everyday romance with real issues and smoking hot sex. Speaking of the sex scenes…wow. Why can’t more writers include steamy scenes without making them distasteful. I really liked this couple…they were funny, romantic, sexy, loyal, and passionate.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to more releases from this author!


Review #5

Free audio Friction – in the audio player below

Sawyer shines bright with this one. She is absolutely the master of strong characters, engaging plots, smoldering chemistry, with a little social consciousness thrown in for good measure. Leary and Reeve are both at the top of their professional game, but nothing like a little sexual tension to put a run in a pair of sheer black stockings 😉

I really enjoyed this one Sawyer; it had all of the elements that I love about your talent as a writer. I am looking forward to seeing what girl will capture Ford’s heart; I’m thinking that maybe sweet young Emma may just take him through the paces. I would also love to read Jenna’s journey of recovery and happiness. Special thanks to Kindle Unlimited for allowing me to enjoy one of my fav authors!


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